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Shrocks: At the end of the week Joy’s cough got worse and we were back to the doctor. She now has a sinus infection and a second, and stronger, round of antibiotics.  Jason didn’t know he was preaching, but once again he got the surprise honor. We were at Pastor Abie’s church, Word of Life, and Jason was able to do the team setup for the Holiday Club Team while there. They had a big feast after church also. Tom Maher likes Hillsong music, so he and Linda attended Hillsong Pretoria with Karen and the girls. Jolie serves there every Sunday in the children’s ministry.

Lorraine, Kgotso & Peter:  They came to the base so Kgotso could teach the BMW Prophecy class and stayed in the guesthouse. Peter showed up later also for his day off. They are all excited about having the Mahers visit. They all seem to be getting along well and the ministry is booming.

Tia:  She helped with the weekly ministry and afternoon work. She was an usher at MissionsFest and was greatly encouraged by the speaker, Marie Miller. She was really excited to hear that Marie does ministry in Indonesia.

Shanty:  Monday she went with Emily and Carine to the Pyramid location for MSSM since the others were new and didn’t know the location and kids. She had a lot of fun as she is just a big kid herself. She was sick midweek and didn’t sleep. Her family has had a lot of problems in Indonesia and she had an 18 year-old cousin die so she has a lot on her mind. But, she was all smiles as she volunteered for MissionsFest.

Lydia: She came alive at MissionsFest as she talked with missionaries from around the world. She also was greatly encouraged from the messages of Marie Miller. She, of course, pitched in and worked hard getting MissionsFest setup and the church back in order after it was11951256_706301109514988_1469126712674900440_n finished.

Caity:  She shared twice this week about peace—once in chapel and once with the Samaritan Ladies. 

Emily: She was ministering with MSSM this week and loved working with the kids at both Pyramid and Masakhane. At Pyamid, during the house-to-house EV we found that Maloba’s house burned completely down. He had a few walls of tin, but used bamboo and stacked it on top to create a huge mound. So when the fires came through he lost everything.  Emily was not signed up to volunteer in the children’s ministry at MissionsFest, but jumped right in and I caught the drama she was involved in about anti-bullying. She always has a great attitude and a smile that is contagious.


Monday—Sonskyn:  Caity and Shanty started songs with 12 ladies and 3 children and then they led us in some songs. Shanty shared from Numbers 21:8 and John 3:14-15 about two kinds of healing—physical and spiritual.  If we want to get healed we should not speak against God or His people and we should not test Him (I Cor. 10:9). We need to fix our eyes on Jesus to receive healing. The ladies thanked God for sending us to do ministry with them. They asked for prayer for Blyda for a speedy recovery.

Tuesday—Walkabout:  Lydia and Tia were jumping for joy when they returned from Plot 13. The owner of the plot, Leon, donated materials to the people who live on his plot and they have built a small church. So when the rains come they can continue with Bible studies during the week, as well as the MSSM for the kids and Sunday church. What a huge answer to prayer for the people who live around this area.

11947639_1636626733287002_4267019133642377131_nWednesday —Samaritan Ladies:  On the way to pick up the ladies, we stopped and Caity talked with Memory on the side of the road. She is interested in computers, maybe she will come next week. When we arrived at the location there was a great sadness. The first ladies we chatted with told us that just hours ago Ndana found out her mother died in Zimbabwe. So many ladies were staying to be with her and to assist her in getting the money for a bus ticket home. We went to her room and found her crying and asked what happened. Her mother had a brain tumor and had been sick for a while. We asked  if there was anything we could do. Karen prayed for Ndana and even though she was sad, she found some comfort in knowing that God loves her.  We found some new ladies: Lia, Nomsa, Stella, Firia and Ester (two appear to be teenagers). They hadn’t had a bath yet. (Very important in South Africa! You go nowhere before you have bathed.) So they said they would come next week. Josephine and Isabel came and did computers. Isabel got to Module 8 and did it on her own. Josephine got to the first quiz and got 3/5 questions correct! She is our slow learner, so this is a great accomplishment. Caity shared about how to have and maintain peace with the ladies.

Thursday afternoon until Saturday evening the staff and students volunteered at MissionsFest in Pretoria North.  All students and staff participa12002845_1636627803286895_9188984426245395794_nted in some way. 11986411_1636228729993469_348279208353246303_nCarine and Ester were sharing with the children about Egypt. They dressed up like Egyptians, had a story, games, craft and coloring page to teach the kids how to be missionaries there. Jabu also helped with music and games in the children’s ministry, as well as ushered in the main program. Everyone else ushered, ran errands, introduced seminar speakers, took up the offering, directed people to events and welcomed people. We set up the exhibition booths for all the missionary organizations, rearranged chairs in the main hall and seminar rooms and did a lot of the grunt work. But we also got to hear all the speakers and enjoy the seminars which were excellent and visit all the different missionary organizations and rub elbows with active missionaries from around the world.

BMW:  Classes and afternoon work seem to be off to a great start. The new students seem to be adjusting to dorm life and the BMW schedule.

In His grace,

Karen & Jason Shrock

Psalm 46:10


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