Frey, Josiah & Bethany Newsletter (Fall 2015)

Frey2Dear Partners in Ministry,

Team photoIt’s hard to believe Bethany and I have been married two years. It has been a busy two years filled with many ups and downs while being missionaries to Malawi. You have been on the journey with us through our mountains and valleys. Bethany and I could not be where we are without all of YOU standing with us. I know many of you have been wondering and might even want to ask, what about small Freys? Well, as of now, we are still waiting for God’s timing on when to start a family. For now we are enjoying married life with just the two of us!

It was a huge blessing to have been back in the USA this past spring/summer. Thank you to everyone who hosted us and welcomed us for lunches and dinners. We love sharing about what God is doing here in Malawi. After our time in Pennsylvania and Maryland, we travelled to Florida in May to help get Teen Missions ready for the summer Boot Camps. Then, at the beginning of June, our team of three boys, seven girls and three other leaders came back with us to Malawi!

At the end of June, we made the over 9,500 mile journey back to Malawi. It was a long and tiring journey with four plane rides and many hours of waiting and sitting. However, we arrived safe and sound in Malawi. Our team traveled to the southern part of Malawi DSCF1283DSCF1781which is 98% Muslim. You can drive for
many miles and only see mosques. Our team was going to drill a well in the heart of an all muslim village. By the end of our time in the village we had drilled a new borehole for them! The village was overjoyed as they tasted water from the new borehole. Throughout our time there, we were also able to share the Gospel.

When it came time to pray over the well some people in the village laughed at us for praying in front of everyone. We told the village that this water was a gift from God, and that it was for everyone to drink from. We now hold a Sunday School in that village each week so the work of the Lord will continue there. Please pray for people to come to know Christ in this village.

After our team returned back to the States, Satan attacked us hard. I was on my way to town in the Ford to pick up supplies, when Bethany called me and said she tested positive for Malaria. I turned around and came back to the base and sent one of our Malawi staff into town instead. Two hours later I got a call that there had been a very bad accident. The steering on the Ford locked and the truck had rolled three times. In the end no one was hurt really bad which was a HUGE miracle from God. However, the Ford was totalled. This meant the base did not have a good vehicle to get to town. Vehicles cost a huge amount of moDSCF1721ney here. The government will charge as much as 200% duty on a vehicle. So a $5,000 dollar car turns into $15,000. Well, we serve an amazing God who opened up a door for us to get another vehicle within 10 days! And it only cost $6,000! And, to add another praise, it is 4-wheel drive!! Many of you had been praying that we would get a 4-wheel drive car. Well, God has a strange way of answering prayer sometimes, but He used the accident to open up the door for us to get a better vehicle.

Our national Boot Camps went very well, with over 450 leaders and team members attending. We got amazing reports of kids’ lives being changed with the message of hope. At our base in Mangochi, over 30 muslim teens accepted Christ for the first time in their lives! Pray for these young people as they go back to family and friends who are trapped in the chains of Islam. Pray they will be the light in the midst of the darkness. Between all three Boot Camps over 1,000 people made decisions of rededication and first-time commitments to Christ. What is amazing, and a true blessing, is that those Malawians heard it through fellow Malawi teenagers! If that does not get you excited about the work of the Lord, I don’t know what else would!

IMG_0069Each morning brings a new day to wake up and make a difference for the King of kings. The new Bible School terms will be starting at the end of this month. And it looks like we will have over 70 students between all four schools. Imagine a young Malawi Christian getting to attend Bible School for the first time—for them to be able to dive deep into the Word of God and learn how to serve Him with all their heart! Teen Missions has been given a chance to reach out to people in this county who have a heart to serve the Lord, but don’t have the tools or education they need to do so.

We are so excited about the ministry here in Malawi. It is an honor to serve the Lord in one of the poorest countries in the world. People in Malawi are hungry for God’s Word. They are hungry for the truth and the harvest is everywhere. Being missionaries in Malawi is not easy and the work at times seems like you are spinning in circles. However, we know that if we keep Christ at the forefront, He will lead and direct us.

DSCF1309We would like to share with you about a need for our base in Rumphi. It is the base in the northern part of Malawi, about nine hours away from us. Our Bible school is in a very remote village reaching people who have never heard the Gospel before. Since our Bible School opened there in fall of 2012, they have not had a good vehicle. We would like to get them a two-ton truck for them to be able to get supplies for the base and to carry the students to ministry. Would you please pray about having a part in raising the money for a truck? Former Team Members (FTM’s) who have been to Malawi and have been to Rumphi would you also join us in raising the money? We are hoping to raise $10,000 for a truck for the base, and we know that God is going to provide for this need. Would you like to have a part in blessing the base in the north? We have a special coupon in this letter that you can send to Teen Missions in Florida with your donation. All of it will go directly to getting the vehicle. We are hoping to have the money raised by January. FTM’s, this would be a great youth group project.

Bethany and I want to thank everyone who supports us in prayer and finances. We truly could not be in Malawi without them. Thank you for being part of our sending team and for having an impact in Malawi. We pray that our letters and post cards reach you from the other side of the world. We are excited to say that we will be coming back for Christmas this year. We are hoping to share in small groups and churches about our ministry here in Malawi. We will have more information closer to November about our traveling
schedule. We hope as the fall sets in and as the school year starts, that your families are well and that God is using you in the USA! You are ALL missionaries to the people back in the USA. Together we look forward to the return of Christ and living every moment for HIS Kingdom!

Serving Christ Together,

Josiah and Bethany Frey

• God provided a 4-wheel drive vehicle

• In spite of Bethany getting Malaria, we have been healthy. Thank you for those who pray for our health!
For the growth of the ministry and for the lives being changed  

Prayer Requests:

• That our marriage would be strong.

• For our spiritual walk with the Lord. That we would grow closer to the Lord.

• Pray for family issues on both sides.

• Pray that God would provide a vehicle for the north base. 

• Pray for wisdom in running the ministry here in Malawi.

• It will soon be time for us to renew our work visa. Please pray it goes through without any      problems.

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