MacPherson, Todd & Rosemary Newsletter (Fall 2015)

Greetings from the MacPhersons at the TMI Canada Office:


“That’s Baby Jep’s bed”.

“Baby Jep’s bed,” Shemar repeats.

“Yes, Baby Jep is going to sleep there.” I reiterate.

We have this short conversation often as I explain that the bassinet will no longer be his to play in and it will be the new baby’s bed soon. I think Shemar and Kara understand somewhat that we will have a new baby in the house, but it is hard to tell. We feel very blessed to have another addition to our family coming in November and that everything has been normal with the pregnancy. But, this will be a new experience for us, because Kara and Shemar were both born in Ontario. So, we would appreciate your prayers especially for wisdom as to when to leave for the hospital, which is an hour trip and feels like more.

Clearing the beavers’ work

The Camp

This summer we had some unwelcome visitors at the camp. We had to serve some beavers an eviction notice recently. They took advantage of water at the camp, built a dam and took down two of our trees. So in early September, Dave Spindler and I (Todd), along with a friend, took down the dam to encourage their departure. Thank the Lord there has been no major damage to the camp from the falling trees. I believe God caused the beavers to make the trees to fall at just the right places.

Summer Teams

This summer was rather uneventful for our Canadians. We saw 34 Canadians go on teams all over the world. Two took a while to get their money in, but we are grateful to be able to say that they were all able to head off with their teams. We praise God that He worked all of that out.

Playing in Baby Jep’s Bed
Mama’s helpers



This year the schedule looks a little different than we originally planned. This year there will be one Boot Camp that begins before the schools in Canada have ended for the year. So, we will not be going to major conferences other then Vancouver Mission Fest and instead will be attending a lot of home school conferences. I will also try to get into some Christian Schools to speak about Teen Missions.


Prayer Request

– Baby Jep is due November 17, so please pray for Rosemary as she finishes the pregnancy, that she will have the energy to take the day on, get               enough sleep and that baby Jep will be healthy.

– That I (Todd) will get the openings to speak at several schools and that God will give me the words to speak.

Snack at the Park

– That we as parents can lead by example and teach our kids everything they need to know.

– That the beavers leave and don’t try to repair the dam.

From the home of:

Todd & Rosemary, Shemar, Kara, and Baby Jep MacPherson

2 Cor. 12: 9-10

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