Lette, Shanty Newsletter (Fall 2015)



Dear Family, Friends and Supporters,

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” Isaiah 43:2

Greetings in Jesus name! Praise the Lord for He has kept me until this far. It’s been a very long time sharing the story that happened during these past months. God has been good to me. During my ministry here in South Africa lots of things have happened. There is time for tears, time for joy and laughing, but all is well.

For now, we are doing the ministry to the homeless and hopeless people in one of the places called Sonskyn (this means “sunshine” in Afrikaans). The first time I went to Sonskyn, I had compassion for them. When I started to do the ministry there, I met one of the ladies named Willa and she has the tendency to cut herself and she used drugs. Every time, after doing the ministry, she will come to me and my friend and I pray for her. If I’m doing the ministry there, they always ask me to bring the guitar to play it and we’ll sing together. The first time I went there, they did not sing at all, but praise the Lord as time goes by now they can sing. Not only can they sing, but now they love to sing! If I go and do the ministry there and I do not bring the guitar, they will ask why I don’t bring it. Now they even volunteer to lead the songs and each of them will pick the songs for us to sing before we do the Bible study.


We were celebrating Indonesian independence day

Every Saturday we also do the outreach ministry to the drunkards, jobless, homeless and people who sell vegetables, clothes, and food on the side of the road. There is one spot that I would like to do the outreach ministry every Saturday called “Bultfontein.” The first time I went to that place and met the drunk people, I was so scared. I did not want to shake their hand or sit with them because they were so smelly. When we started to talk, they did not want to pay attention, but as time goes by, they listen to us and even ask us to come every week. Sometimes some of them will run away when they see us but it doesn’t matter because we’ll go there every week. At that place lots of men and women go and drink and get drunk and sometimes we’ll find lots of kids there. I feel so much pity for the kids because they have to see things like that. Last week when I went there and I was sharing with the people about “God’s Right Time”, taken from John 7:6. There were 13 people at that time. After I shared the words, one of my friends prayed for salvation. Then they followed with prayer, so all of them accepted Jesus as their personal Savior!

When we were done, one of the ladies came to me and she whispered to me that she wanted to talk to me personally. So I went with her, we sat and she started to crying. I was so confused…why is she crying? Then she told me that she’s pregnant and the father of the baby rejected the baby and doesn’t want the baby. I talked to her about her need to take care of the baby because it is a gift from God. Actually the guy is her boyfriend and that’s why she is scared that he might leave her. I told her to pray for the guy every day. I even told her that she needs to be in peace and pray for herself and ask God for forgiveness and guidance. I told her to stop drinking and smoking, because it’s not good for the baby. I asked if she has a job and she said that she does. So I encouraged her and prayed for her and gave her a hug that it may help her to be in peace.


At the Pretoria Zoo with Tia

I personally thank God for what He has done for my ministry. God used me to do His will. As I wrote in the beginning of my letter that there is time for tears, joy and laughing, but above all, all is well.

In Christ,

Shanty Lette

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Prayer Requests:

1. God’s guidance, wisdom, strength, joy and peace

2. For spiritual growth

3. For financial support

4. For cultural adaptation


1. Still doing the ministry

2. So blessed to be here in South Africa

3. Peace and joy

4. Strength

5. Family and friends back home



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