Being Faithful Brings Happiness

The Joy of Doing Ministry

Shrocks: Took both Joy and Jolie to the doctor on Friday and now they are both on antibiotics. This is the 3rd round for Joy and she is still coughing. They did add some steroids for her this time to reduce the swelling she has in her sinuses and lungs. Girls had a better week at school and Friday started Spring Break. Jason’s back procedure went great on Tuesday but he was pretty knocked out by pain meds for a lot of the week. By Saturday he was up the whole day doing the outreach. Being up takes a lot out of his back yet so he has to sit a lot to regain strength. The physiotherapist thought his back was doing very good and has recommended exercises for him. When he returns in three weeks if there are no issues he will be released from physiotherapy to do stretches on his own. Karen was able to get to the clinic for check up and diabetic meds. Her blood sugar is good, but cholesterol is high. We have all been attacked physically this last month but praise the Lord summer is coming and we will hold on with God’s strength.

kids coloring

MSSM children coloring on each other’s backs

Lorraine, Kgotso, Peter:  Quiet week from the MSSM folks. Lorraine is just trying to figure out KV’s schedule and how they will get the refresher in. We know that in Africa in ministry we just have to go with the flow. 

Tia:  Continues to be the supervisor over the landscaping and tent pole repair. She loves outreach especially when there are children.

Shanty:  She is the kitchen supervisor extraordinaire and helps everyone stay organized. The next two weeks we are training the 2 new students but they both love to cook so it’s more about keeping them organized and on time.

Lydia:  Did MSSM with Jabu at Pyramid and they both started learning the Shona language from all the Zimbabwean kids. She got sick with stomach issues and fever the end of the week but was up and painting on Saturday at the outreach.


Nelia teaching the children at Sonskyn Hookie


Monday-Sonskyn:  When we first arrived we were so happy to see the new preschool up and running. Nelia was doing an amazing job with the children and they were using the supplies that we had donated. The kids looked so happy to have someone working just with them. The ladies were very happy that Tia brought her guitar as they really enjoy praise and worship time. Tia shared about the widow with only a small amount of oil to her name from 2 Kings 4:1-7. When you use what you have with faith and to glorify God, He will do a miracle in your life. He will use you to accomplish great things because of your faithfulness. They all had many praises of thankfulness.

Monday-Emmanuel MSSM at Pyramid: Lydia and Jabu were in charge of the MSSM at this location and the kids were very excited to see them when they arrived. Before the children came we were able to walk about and met some men that Jabulane had seen during the Saturday outreach, he encouraged them, then we went off to begin MSSM. The kids taught us some good Shona words like how to say “play”, “sit”, “come” and “be quiet” so that they could keep their attention more easily. They really enjoyed the phonics song and really did their best to pronounce all the letters. They loved the Bible story about Anna and Simeon meeting baby Jesus. There were 20 that attended the phonics lesson and 15 kids that stayed for the Bible story. Some had to leave to begin chores.

Tuesday-Walkabout: We rode bikes to Masakhane and found 10 kids. Tia sang songs with them while Emily shared Luke 21:1-4 with an Afrikaans(white) woman, Katherine, and prayed for her leg. Later we prayed for another woman.

Wednesday-Samaritan Ladies:  Isabel called Tuesday very sick and asked if she could get a lift to the clinic on Wednesday. So Wednesday when we arrived we found Elizabeth very sick with stomach problems. Karen took Isabel and Lizzie to the clinic and Marianna and Sharon did computers. Emily shared after the training from several readings from Isaiah and alternated with songs. It was an atmosphere of peace and fellowship with the Lord. Isabel was referred to the local hospital for suspected growths by the clinic.


Half of the 3,000 liters of paint that Duram Paints donated for “Be the Change Day”

Thursday-Fire on the Farms: It was a very hot day and we arrived at the strawberry fields to find the ladies working hard. When they broke for lunch we greeted them and all the moms found their crying babies. We had 27 ladies who listened as we shared from II Kings 4:1-7 about using what you have for the glory of God. Alain, an intern, was with us so he gave the tired and hot ladies a word of encouragement and prayed for them in closing.

Friday-Jason picked up a bakkie (truck) and trailer full of donated paint from Durham Paint company in Midrand for the outreach we will be doing with Hillsong Church called “Be the Change” on Saturday. The students helped unload and store it until we are ready to use it. Hillsong is going to donate some to us so we hope to paint the guest house, roofs and seal some shower walls that are leaking. 

Saturday-We all joined Hillsong Church for their outreach called “Be the Change Day.” We served at Love in Action in Mabopane and did a lot of painting. This is a building where one of our Boot Camp teams has served and one of the Australian teams also. It is supposed to be an orphanage but while they have been doing renovations and waiting
paintingpaintinguntil they get the clearance for the kids, Pastor Reuben started taking in old and sick people discharged from hospitals who are still not able to care for themselves. We painted the surrounding security wall with a gray fibrecoat paint that will resist water. We cleaned inside and painted interior walls which were a dark blue with a bright white bathroom and kitchen paint that resists mold and mildew. Durham paints donated over 3,000 Liters of paint for the various projects that the church was involved in. This special paint will really help with keeping the living areas clean as it resists the molds and cleans easily with water.  Others were doing manicures for the old folks, general maintenance and planting a garden.

In His grace,

Karen & Jason Shrock

Psalm 46:10


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