Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Fall 2015)

Shrock Staff NewsletterGreetings Family and Friends,

Untitled-1Ask, Seek and Knock! (Matthew 7:7) We have spent the last three years praying and seeking the Lord in providing a minibus for our ministry. The outreaches that we have are just too big for the pickup truck much of the time. While in my prayer time the Holy Spirit kept telling me to reevaluate the price of the bus. When I did the initial write up and quote, the exchange rate was 8.6 rands to the dollar. The current rate, the day I was finished praying, was 12.5 rands to the dollar. I quickly sent out new quotes to the two different dealerships I was working with and realized that with the current exchange rate we actually had enough to purchase with the final $2,000 that had just been promised to us. I contacted our director and sent him the new information and he immediately said to send him the information from the dealership to wire the funds. It was amazing timing. The dealer had a minibus in conversion at that time and said it would soon be finished for us. We picked the bus up the day before our first group from the U.S. was arriving for outreaches. We have been so blessed by this new 23 seat minibus. Our students as well couldn’t wait to take a ride and see what it was like. The Lord heard your prayers and opened the door for us to receive the minibus which will open even more doors! Thanks to all who have helped make this a reality. We are sharing a picture of some of our students enjoying the bus.

Untitled-2We were blessed with a great team of ladies who came from the U.S. for summer outreach. They came through our Lord’s Boot Camp and were here to do evangelism and build a room for our Samaritan Ladies outreach. We had eight girls and two lady leaders who came and truly blessed our base and family. They started right in working on repairs to our security fence along the front road, as well as laying the foundation for a new room that will be a permanent sewing room for the Samaritan Ladies training. Once we poured the footers we went to where our MSSM program is running and spent a week assisting with the Sunday Schools. They really loved playing with the kids and learning more about the culture here in South Africa. They got to try a traditional meal of cow hooves, fresh cut chicken, pap (a white corn meal similar to grits, but very stiff), Archaar (fermented mango pieces), brown gravy and drink. They have a drink here called “ginger beer” which, like our root beer, is made from ginger. It is very heavy on the ginger and burns going down, but they love it. The other meal that is found in the villages is called “Sphatlo” or “township burger”. They liked this one much better. It is a ¼ loaf of bread (not sliced), a serving of french fries, the archaar and either a hot dog or sausage. They hollow out the bread a bit and put all the fixings inside. You roll it all together and eat it like a burger. When we came back they began to brick the room and prepare it to finish. They were not able to complete it, but Caity and Emily are staying for their Gap Year as volunteers and will be finishing the room.

Untitled-3Caity and Emily came with a heart for the Samaritan Ladies and they are already actively involved in training ladies on the computer. Many of the street ladies have never touched a computer and so we start with the basics on how to use a mouse, keyboarding skills and then get them right into Microsoft Word. Josephine, we found out through other training, is a little slow in learning so sometimes she gets frustrated with things like sewing. But she has been the most faithful to come each week and is the farthest along on the computers. She is determined to get a computer certificate so she can get a cashier job at the local supermarket, Shoprite. Just this week she said “I will get that job!” We have found several who won’t come because they can’t read. So we are looking into an adult literacy class for them. One lady named Ivy was very sick one week and I laid hands on her and prayed and she promised me she would go to the clinic. The next week she was totally healed and after the class she asked if I would teach her English grammar. She has always had a dream to preach to a large group, but knows her English is not good. The following week we found her preparing verses in the Bible to share at our training sessions. That’s how our God works by turning our world upside down!

Untitled-5 Untitled-4We are grandparents again! HannahLea Nobizo Ndlovu was born on Mother’s Day to Jennifer and Sympathy. Nobizo is the Xhosa word for “called by God.” We have really loved being able to visit and see her. The aunties, Joy and Jolie, especially love spoiling her and fighting with one another over who HannahLea thinks is the favorite aunt. Jenn, Symps and HannaLea will be moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana on December 1 so pray that this will be a smooth transition. Our first granddaughter Karaline is now a big sister as Jack Aaron Sorenson was born on the 9th of September. We are so blessed to have wonderful children and grandchildren. Karen is planning on spending a few weeks in October with Brent and Alison to spoil our kids. We are very much missing them and it will be a special treat to be with a new little one.


• Two new grand babies—HannaLea Nobizo Ndlovu and Jack Aaron Sorenson

• Arrival of new minibus after three years of prayer and fundraising

• U.S. Boot Camp Team blessed our staff, students, base, MSSM and South Africa!


• Healing for Jason’s bulging disc in his back just above his fusion site from 19 years ago

• Wisdom for decisions about the girls’ schooling as they are struggling and change is coming

• Gary and Jack’s safe travel to SA in October and safety on the projects they will be doing

• Jenn, Symps and HannaLea moving from South Africa to Ft. Wayne, IN December 1


Jason, Karen, Jolie & Joy

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God!”

PO Box 865, Pyramid, SOUTH AFRICA 0120

Cell: 027 079 393 0492

Email: [email protected]



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