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40—What does that number mean?…Keep reading…..
Ava has graduated from preschool and is now in kindergarten.  Aiden stood by the door and did not want Ava to leave him; but of course he had no choice but to let her go to school. She is a busy girl and loves school and all the things she gets to do and learn.  She is like a sponge and soaks everything up.

I have had trouble with my eyes, but in the spring I was finally able to have cataract surgery on both eyes. It was a bit of a struggle seeing for a couple of months until the right glasses were purchased. The insurance covered most of it, with me paying about $1100.00 out of pocket; but that was better than the $9000.00 it cost. Now I can see far away without my glasses, but no more up close without glasses, what a difference.


Mustard Seeds

Emery has been rackin’ up the miles traveled. In May he drove north to get the Tabernacles up in Indiana and Georgia. He also picked up some supplies for Boot Camp and clothes for the container that will go overseas to the bases. At the beginning of June, Teen Missions was offered some furniture from a college that was redecorating. If we wanted it we would have to come and pick it up. So in the middle of First Boot Camp a group went up and brought back a big truck load of chairs, beds, dressers, desks and mattresses. The chapel has been “re-chaired” and looks very nice.  The dorm rooms have been rearranged with this new furniture and the place is looking very nice.

I did Mustard Seeds again with Ava. It was Cowboy Camp this year and we had a real cowboy come and share stories about the Lord and the life of a cowboy. The kids were shown how to lasso a horse or a cow (with them being an example) and then had to practice. Ava got to be pretty good. Cowboy Lee gave them all a cowboy hat and a lasso of their own. They had fun practicing on each other.

We are reaching a milestone!  December 6, 1975 is when I joined staff and Emery joined on January 1, 1976. It has been 40 years that we have been privileged to be on staff with Teen Missions. At times it has gone by fast and sometime it has been slow. There is so much that has happened in all the years. Single to married to grandparents—what a joy to see how God has taken care of us the whole time.


Emery’s brother and sisters

On deputation/vacation time at the end of August we received paid tickets to fly out to Portland, OR to see Emery’s family. It was a great time with his sisters, and even his brother from Boise, ID was there. God provided a place to stay and a vehicle to use. It was a needed relaxing time to enjoy God’s beautiful mountains that I have not seen for a while. I was always wanting Emery to stop so I could take another picture. We went to a couple of falls, one being Multnomah Falls, which was beautiful. Joseph even climbed to the top. We didn’t make it to Mt. Hood or Mt St. Helens but on a clear day we were able to get some pictures of the mountains.

Linda’s niece with mom and two of her sisters

We got back on a Tuesday night looking forward to my niece’s wedding on Friday. Wednesday night our house took a direct lightning hit. Emery was inside and lost his hearing for a few minutes. That was how loud it was. The neighbors saw the smoke and called 911. Then they were looking to see if anyone was inside and saw Emery and told him to get out of the house. They checked the house for fire, taking out panels from a dropped ceiling and the insulation, and threw them out a window they broke to get the stuff out and also to get the smoke out of the house. The second firemen who came were hooking up the hoses when the first guys said no flames. We were very grateful that it was only smoke and no flames, so the firemen didn’t need to spray water everywhere which meant there was no water damage or mess to clean up. The electrician had to fix plugs, breakers, and wiring that were scorched. The lightning was so hard that it shook the ground and broke the main water pipe into the house, so water was pouring into the yard.  When it hit the house it had to go out somewhere so it went out through the corners of the roof.  In one corner the roof was blown off and left a hole in the roof.  Other spots it left a hole and looked like it was burned.  We are not able to be in the house so we have been in a hotel for almost a month now until the power is put back on. Once the power is on then we can see what appliances, TV, and air conditioner are working or not and need to be replaced. We have a $1000.00 deductible so we hope that stuff will be covered. We will see. God is good and we are safe—that is what is most important. The fireman cannot understand why it did not burn the house; but we know it was God’s protection. Pray that everything will work out and we can get back into the house soon.


Some damage when the lighting struck the house

The Aronsons


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