Barber, Richard & Gina Newsletter (Fall 2015)

15 BarberTo Our Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your many prayers.

Richard and I are convinced that it is because of your prayers for us and this ministry that things go so well. Even in hard situations, God leads us through, and there is victory. Our travel to and from Haiti was uneventful, which is a praise when traveling alone, but it is huge with a group of thirty-one! Throughout the summer no one was seriously hurt, the teens bonded quickly, worked well together, and formed lifelong friendships, all due to the fact that you are praying for us.

IMG_0503Summer Ministry: Our team worked with Mission Possible in Haiti. This name probably sounds familiar to many of you, as Richard and I have worked with them many times in the past. This time we traveled to Deyemon, which is located in the mountains south of Port au Prince. The congregation has been praying for some time that God would send someone to help them. They are very poor and struggle just to survive. When our team of teenagers arrived, the people were amazed. Not only did God send help, but He sent a LOT of help. They couldn’t believe that teenagers would give their vacation time to come to Haiti in order to help people they did not know. During our time there, the church was painted inside and out, all classrooms of the school were painted, and the first story of the school’s exterior was painted. The second story needed another coat of cement spackling prior to painting so that will need to be done another time. Desks with benches were made, doors were made and installed, a small building was renovated into a preschool which meant more painting of walls, and benches were painted bright colors for the children. Chalk boards were also installed.

IMG_0641A few of the team members struggled with the poverty of Haiti and that they were not allowed to give things to the children and adults. I think they finally realized that our missionary, who is Haitian himself, wants to break the “give me dollar” handout mentality that has overtaken the country. Items that we left, were left with the church, to be distributed to those in need, not as a handout from the “rich people”. Our team left a mark on the lives of hundreds of people in the community as they are remembered for giving of themselves, sacrificing their time, leaving the comforts of home, and traveling to the remote area of Deyemon. Doing this, in order to give the children a school where they can learn and receive hope for a better life in the future. The congregation of the church realize that unchurched children attending will also have opportunity to hear of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We still had just over a week left in country and we had done all that we could do in DeyemIMG_0627on. We packed up and headed toward St. Marc where we had to “rough” it in dorms with warm showers and a beautiful kitchen just feet from the ocean. Each evening we enjoyed Haitian meals (our cook was kind enough to tone down the hot peppers for us) and the kids would have time for a swim. Our project once again included painting. The classrooms of the school in St. Marc have needed paint for several years. The sanctuary got a new coat of paint and the classrooms of the school are now bright and cheery. The principal was so excited to see the rooms and is looking forward to seeing the faces of the children as they return to school.

All in all it was a great summer! Two of our young people accepted Christ as their personal Saviour and most of them now have a much closer walk with Him than they did prior to their trip. We are so proud of the hard work of the Haiti team and all that was accomplished. God truly used them in ways they will never know.

 Prayer Requests:

photo• Our support is still below our projected level. Any pledge or one time gift is appreciated.

• Please continue to pray for Jon’s health and safety as he serves in Malawi.
We are thankful for:  

• the lives that were changed through the summer ministry.  

• traveling safety while on deputation and as we returned home.

• the time we had with family. 

• the opportunity to share our ministry with old and new friends.

• the growth we see in Jon as he serves in Malawi.

In Christ,

Richard & Gina Barber


Jon’s Update (From Malawi, Africa)

Dear Friends,

11880596_10153068183471361_540896814258916225_nI am now living in Chipoka, Malawi, where my friend Jonathan Ayers and I are going out to drill water wells in villages and on Teen Missions bases. While here in Malawi I have felt the presence of God though there have been many obstacles in the way. I had malaria, the pump for the drilling rig broke, and various other problems have occurred with the rig. Through this, God has stretched me and is helping me grow closer to Him. Although I struggle here, I take comfort in knowing that God has a plan for me. I am thankful for His guidance, wisdom and comfort.  



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