Ayers, Bryan & Dawn Newsletter (Fall 2015)


Unleashed! The Ayers Family was unleashed this summer all over the world to minister alongside four different ministries on three separate continents. It’s not just about us though. It’s about God working in and through us and over six hundred other team members and leaders with Teen Missions International. Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to get you every story and detail in this letter, so feel free to contact us using the contact info at the end.

In June we started packing things up and getting ready for all the training and travel. Dawn was not able to go with me to Trinidad, but she did a great job communicating with parents and other callers here at the Teen Missions office. She also assisted a few team members with needed passports. Caleb stayed home too and came to the Lord’s Boot Camp nearly everyday. He even stayed overnight with Dawn when she had to be available for the phones overnight. Hannah stayed home as well caring for our dog, Bella, and our friends’ dog, Dozer. Dozer’s family went on teams as well this summer.


Trinidad Team

Dawn stayed home, as I mentioned, because of some health problems, so I lead a team with three other leaders to Trinidad. Grace and Benjamin also went on the Trinidad team. It was a Preteen team with 23 team members from across the US and Canada. They worked so hard and impressed the church who we worked with so much that they want another Preteen team to come again. The team dug many feet of trenches and mixed a lot of concrete and even got to lay 220 blocks. They moved two truck loads of sand for grading on the property as well. One week they loved helping at the church’s VBS and even canvassed neighborhoods inviting people to come. We all had such a great time with the church people there at Triumphant Revival Center. You can see a video made by one of our leaders, Ben Harris, on my web site bryanayers.com/missions.

malawi drilling 1

Malawi Well-Drilling Team

malawi leadersJonathan went with a team to Malawi, Africa to install wells for clean water in remote villages. His team installed two wells before another team arrived to put in two more. He and another young man, Jon Barber, stayed in Malawi after their teams came home. They will continue to drill wells until March or April. After his team left Jonathan was in an accident that thankfully was not too serious. He did hurt his hand though and it seems to be taking a while to heal. Later he got malaria. His friend has had it as well now. They are working to put in their first well and there’s been a few set backs. Would you keep praying that God will provide what they need to drill as many wells as possible across Malawi?

Abby Mindy Dooms

Indiana Tabernacle and Evangelism

Abby tabernacle careAbby and a friend from the Bible Missionary and Work Training Center where she attends spent most of the summer in Indiana. That may not sound too adventurous, but they had their share of excitement. They spent a good deal of time maintaining and running tours through Teen Mission’s life-sized Old Testament Tabernacle. It is used to share Christ with people as well as raise money for the 10,000 + orphans that Teen Missions cares for directly in Africa. They were also challenged for several weeks by doing one-on-one evangelism at county fairs in southern Indiana along with Triple T ministries. They had more than 250 people decide to follow Christ in three weeks. That’s pretty exciting!


Madagascar Team

DSCN2890Luke got to travel thousands of miles to Madagascar. His team rode motorcycles through the countryside and did “Sunday Schools” in remote areas. He loved it when they would approach a village honking their horns, and all the children would come running with excitement to see them. The children loved the games and balloons and Bible stories. His team also got to travel hours away to see a spectacular waterfall. The most meaningful time for him was on the way back from the waterfall when they stopped in four random villages to do gospel presentations. 50+ people made decisions to follow Christ that day. He likened that to something that you would read in a missionary book, except he got to live it.

Again, it’s not just about us. There are about 20 households who are partnered with us in prayer and/or financial support. It takes a team. In late August Luke and I traveled up to Missouri and Tennessee to share with people the details that I have just written about. Many that we saw know us and were awaiting news of the summer. Some were hearing it for the first time and were amazed that young people, even 10-13 year olds could be used by God in these ways. The best moments came about as people began to realize the lasting effect that this kind of experience can have on a young person.

Not only are the lives of people who received Christ changing, but these young people have experienced the hand of God in their lives. I’m guessing that no less than 200 team members expressed a calling from God into full-time service. The church in America and around the world will be changed as well.

I know that young people are important to you and that the kingdom of God means everything. That’s why we are here at Teen Missions. Discipling young people into missions will change the world. Our partners know that and are supporting us in this ministry to change the world. Some give $10 a month and some give $200 a month. Many pray for our guidance, empowerment and safety while we minister. All are winners in God’s kingdom work. If God leads you to partner with us just fill in the coupon below indicating your involvement and mail it to Teen Missions International at the address provided. There’s no time to lose. Registrations for our 2016 teams are already starting to arrive.

Yours in Kingdom service,

Bryan, Dawn, Jonathan, Abby, Hannah, Luke, Grace, Benjamin & Caleb Ayers

Ayers Family

66 North Grandview Circle

Cocoa, FL  32922




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