Bobb, Canaan Newsletter (Fall 2015)

BOBB  CAN 38029Hello Friends and Family,

First off, thank you so much for your prayers and support. Everything is going great here at Teen Missions International. It is such a blessing to be able to serve here.

This Summer

This past summer was amazing! My original plan was to lead the Russia team and stay in Russia for a few extra months, helping with the ministry there. Then the Russia team got canceled, so I was going to just go over to Russia alone and stay for three months, but there were issues with my Invitation Letter that was required for a visa. I wound up leading the Forest Angels Preteen team.


The team practicing music at Boot Camp

The Forest Angels team was the first Preteen mini bike team that Teen Missions has had. After Boot Camp, our team went to Ocala, Florida, for four days, where we evangelized and rode the mini bikes (being 6′ 3” and 220 pounds, I rode a four wheeler that Teen Missions owns) through many of their trails. After our time in Ocala, we returned to the Teen Missions base in Merritt Island where we started work on a trail for training future mini bike teams. We also went to House of Hope, a local food and clothing ministry, where the team helped hand out food and carry food to peoples’ vehicles.

When I first saw this team in the brochure last year, I said I would never lead it. I wasn’t a fan of preteens and a bunch of 10-13 year olds on mini bikes riding around seemed awful. This turned out to be one of the best teams I’ve led. I loved leading this group of preteens. I laughed more on this team than all of my other teams combined. The team wasn’t always easy. It rained almost every day, so we were always about ankle deep in mud during work time and the mosquitoes were terrible. This was also the first Preteen mini bike team so there were a lot of things that didn’t go as we planned. But it was still a great team, and most of the kids want to come back next year.


The team taking a break on the trail

Daily Life and Family

Things are great at TMI. I like working in the Maintenance Department as it never gets repetitive and I learn new skills often. I am still working towards going to Russia. I am praying and seeking guidance on when I should go.

Dad and I have been fishing a lot recently. We don’t catch much, mostly catfish. I’m still teaching Jr. High guys Sunday school at my church and helping out at the Wednesday night youth group. Mom is keeping busy with the students. There are soon to be close to 40 students. Madison is now driving, so if you are in the area… watch out! She is also on her high school’s swim team. Zoe is on safety patrol and she does the news report in the mornings at Lewis Carroll Elementary. Strings just started back up at her school so she’s back to playing viola, too. Taylor and Wes came down from Tennessee after we got back from the summer and our whole family spent a few days at Wes’ family’s condo in Daytona Beach. It was great to see them.


Team members, Elias and Nathan, working on the trail

In Christ,

Canaan Bobb

Prayer Requests:

– Financial support

– Wisdom as I plan to go to Russia

– For the country of Russia, Teen Missions in Russia staff and Russian Christians

– Dad as he runs the Conference Center during this busy time of the year

– Mom as she coordinates the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center


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