Calderon, Ben & Ana Newsletter (Fall 2015)

Untitled-1Hello To All,

Hello to all our Teen Missions’ friends all over the world. The Lord´s blessings to all of you, our sisters and brothers in Christ.

It has been a long time since we sent a letter to you and at this time there are many things going on here at Teen Missions base in Ecuador. Now let me tell you about it.

Our Family´s New ChallengeUntitled-5

Our four-year-old daughter Kadisha is in school now; she is in first grade. Yes, our first daughter is in school, and it is new for us. There is more to do now—wake her up earlier, get her ready and go. She is in the morning schedule, from 7:00 AM to 1:30 PM. We are taking her sometimes on the bus and sometimes on the motorcycle. Praise the Lord, this Christian school gave us a scholarship for Kadisha because we are missionaries. We thank God for that. He is so great! We hope to continue glorifying Him with our lives so that we can be a good example for Kadisha, so she can also be a good example for the other kids in her grade.

BMW in Ecuador

For the first time, after a lot of years we have sent a student to do her internship to Honduras. It must be a normal thing for the students of some other bases around the world, but here in Ecuador it is our first time. It is so great, because it is showing the Ecuadorian people that when they decide to serve our God, there is a multitude of ways and doors that He opens. The most amazinUntitled-3g thing is that Alicia’s church is supporting her in all her expenses. That does not happen very often here. In some countries churches support missions, but not here. Of all the churches only about ten percent would, but the most incredible thing is that this is a small church from the Indian Quichua area, close to Latacunga. They live in the country—they are not doctors and they don’t have big companies—most of them are farmers. This is teaching other Christians that missions is not about money, but about God.

We are starting this term at our BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center with four students, and another one who is getting ready to do his internship.

Boot Camp

We finished our Boot Camp here. We had a good time with only two teams. We sent one team to Loja, next to the border with PerUntitled-2u. They worked with 500 kids in the Vacation Bible Sunday School, and 60 people accepted Jesus as their Savior!

The other team went to Manta, on the Pacific coast of Ecuador. They helped the church there do some construction repairs and maintenance, and also did street and beach evangelism. After all that work 231 people received our Lord as their Savior, so the church has a lot of follow-up work to do. We are going to work harder this year on recruiting for next year’s teams. So we will continue to work hard as the Lord gives us strength.

In Jesus Name,

The Calderon Family

Rom. 8:38-39

Prayer Requests:

. For spiritual growth

. More passion for the lost

. Missionary burden

. Ecuador base growing spiritually and numerically

. Good health

. For our marriage

. For supporters

. For Kadisha’s schooling


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