Chama, Oscar & Maureen Newsletter (Fall 2015)

IMG_3915Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and King Jesus Christ. We hope your life is good and full of God’s blessings. We are fine and the Lord has been very gracious to us and to the ministry. It has been a while since we communicated to you about what God is doing here in Zambia.

We thank God for you all and your faithfulness to us, both in prayer and finances. Your help has gone a long way in helping us continue reaching out to the orphans and the vulnerable in this part of Africa. It would be impossible for us to continue ministering to the orphans as we are doing, without your support. Your partnership has allowed us to reach out and help thousands of people and we are grateful.

Our girls are doing well and we thank God for all the prayers you offer on our behalf. Tehillah, our first born, is doing seventh grade this year and in four weeks time she will be sitting for a national examination. If she makes it then she will be going into eighth grade next year. So she is working very hard in her school work and studies. She is a very smart young girl and we know that with God’s help she will qualify as she is really working hard in readiness for this exam. Her teacher has no doubt that she will make it. She told us just to prepare funds to send her to eighth grade. With the prospect of her going into grade eight next year it will mean increased school fees, change of school uniforms, etc. The examination results will come out in December and she should be starting school in January 2016.

IMG_3973Chimwemwe is our second born daughter and she is doing grade three this year. She is doing really well in school. In her end of term exam she was among the best in her class. She really has been a joy to watch grow in the fear of the Lord. In August I took her on my trip to visit an AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit to take medical and educational supplies. While I was driving I asked her to tell me a story. She told me a story of two rabbits—one was an evil rabbit and the other one was a God-fearing rabbit. At the end of that story she asked me what it meant to be born again. I shared with her what that meant and then I asked her if she wanted to pray and invite God into her life. I was able to lead her to Christ. I was so blessed and so thankful to God for allowing me to do that.

Comfort is now three years old and growing fast. She is learning new words every day. She loves to pray. Maybe next year, God willing, she may start preschool. She is always wanting to go to school with her sisters.

These three girls have been a great joy to us and they make our day all the time. Thank you for all the help you have rendered to our girls. May the good Lord richly bless you. Your financial support has enabled us to keep our girls in school. We thank God for the school fees you helped us with; the girls’ fees are all settled for this year. Your help has allowed us to concentrate on ministry without worrying about their school fees.

This coming year we will be in need of financial help for the girls’ school fees and if you feel led to help with any amount, you cIMG_3951an. Send it to Teen Missions indicating the Chamas’ school fees. This year we are praying that God will help us be able to raise $900 for their educational needs. This amount is broken into things such as books, pens, pencils, uniforms, shoes, school fees and transport. Any help towards the girls’ school needs will be greatly appreciated.

The family had some challenges health wise this year. My wife had malaria and all the girls had it twice. I had it twice
also, but we thank God we were able to get treatment and through your prayers we are fine.

Ministry has been very fruitful. We have seen many coming to the Lord as we have gone out ministering the Word of God weekly. Since we wrote last time we have seen over a thousand come to know Christ. We have helped many orphans with uniforms, pencils, pens, shoes, socks and school fees. We have had weekend camps also and during these camps many kids have come to know Christ.

Let me share the life of Elijah with you. When he was born his mother died, and he has never seen his mother or father. He was left to survive with a grandmother in the remote area of Lufwanyama district. When he was first brought to us we thought he would not make it because at three years of age he weighed very little and was not able to walk due to severe malnourishment. We quickly put him on the program called “Mothers’ Seminar” and started providing food to his grandmother for him as we trusted God for his survival. We thank God he survived and began to grow healthy. Just over a year later he began to crawl and later he walked. Today he is a very fine young boy full of energy and a joy to watch play with other kids. Elijah is in school doing sixth grade. During one of our camps Elijah gave his life to Christ and is growing in the Word of God, as well as in his spiritual life. We thank God for the ministry God has given us to help save lives like Elijah’s for His glory. We have helped many people who have found themselves in situations like Elijah.

We just spent a week with a group from Halo Missions who joined us in helping hundreds of orphans and their guardians. We saw lots of malaria cases, wounds, toothaches and many more.

We thank you for your faithful support for us and the ministry as we reach people with the Gospel of Christ. Your help has enabled us to continue helping the people in need. God bless you for all your prayers.

In Christ’s Service,

Oscar, Maureen, Tehillah, Chimwemwe and Comfort Chama


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