Evans, Amanda Newsletter (Fall 2015)

EvansHey Family & Friends,


I can’t wait to tell you what has been happening and what’s going to happen around here at Teen Missions. It’s so great when you know God has used you in His kingdom work and many of you, especially prayer partners and financial supporters are part of it!

This summer I had the exciting privilege to lead with three other leaders the very first mini bike team for preteens (11-13 years old). There were nine boys and four girls making up 13 kids all together. Feeding this whole band of mini-bike trail blazers was my job. At first I feared that I couldn’t handle it, but because people kept telling me I could do it, I found the confidence to make it happen. Even though I had a good time it was also a huge challenge for me.

After Boot Camp our team loaded up for a two hour journey to the Ocala National Forest. We shared the Gospel by walking around to the different houses nearby and then we cranked up the mini-bikes for a ride on the trails. The campground overlooked a beautiful lake. It surprised me to see hardly any mosquitoes. The most important element to that part of the trip was the kids sharing their faith. As hard as it is for us as adults to share our faith, imagine training these young people to overcome their fears by doing it at a young age. It means so much to me to spend my energies on eternal things.

DSCF1453DSCF1428After our forest adventures, we went back to TMI and we started blazing the trail for future teams to practice on the mini-bikes. Although there were some scratches and bruises, there were no serious injuries. That’s pretty amazing for three weeks of preteens training and riding on mini-bikes.

The team also joined in with First Baptist Church of Merritt Island where they gave out food to the homeless and the needy. It was so encouraging to see them being eager to jump right in to help. Everyone knows how important it is to have a heart for the needs of others. Our summer program is structured to help young people with that specifically. It really makes me think of how awesome it is that God could use me in His work. That’s really why I am here at Teen Missions. Seeing God work is what it’s all about.

After the summer the staff went on deputation/vacation time. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere but things changed. I got to travel with a friend all the way to New Jersey and along the way I was able to see friends in North Carolina and Kentucky. We made another stop at my friend’s grandmother’s in Ohio and then we arrived in New Jersey. From there I visited my sister, niece and future brother-in-law in New York and then I flew back. I had a great time!

DSCN0717Now we are back to work, cleaning up from the summer and getting ready for next year. Already I am busy sending out summer packets for the 2016 team members, preparing the staff newsletter mailings and working on the 2016 brochures for next year’s teams. In November we will be mailing the brochures out. The 90,000 address mailing takes nearly everyone here to prepare. The Video Department is also working on the DVD from the summer, so those will also be mailed out to the team members and leaders of 2015. We already have 145 team members signed up for the 2016 teams. I’m looking forward to next year to see what God is going to do.

I want you to know how thankful I am for my financial and prayer partners. Without you all of this couldn’t happen. I know you can see the value of this ministry that proclaims the Gospel and trains young people to be diligent and courageous about serving the Lord now. It pays dividends for eternity.

I see this as so valuable that I moved away from home to dedicate my time and energy to it, but I cannot do it alone. It takes a partnership of prayer, finances and obedience to go that makes it all happen. Would you consider investing as a prayer and/or financial partner. The coupon below is there so you can connect with me indicating your commitment to be involved in training young people to be men and women of God to share the Gospel around the world.

Amanda EvansDSCN1023

Hebrews 13:5,6

Praise to God:

  • It was a great summer, no serious injuries and good health for all.

Prayer request:

  • That the kids from this past summer will stay in the Word of God and that they will be witnesses in their schools.

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