Kabwata, Thomas & Jackie Newsletter (Fall 2015)

Kabwata, Thomas & JackieHe has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love. In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our sins.

Colossians 1:13,14

Greetings to our Friends, Family and Prayer Partners,

Last summer Thomas was invited to go to the States to lead a Foot Washing Team. So Thomas Jr., Thomas and I had the privilege to travel to the States—me for the first time. We went to Ohio for our deputation. It was such a blessing to stay with Greg and his wonderful wife, Carman. Their love and hospitality was matchless. Greg took time from his demanding job to take us to Chillicothe. We shared at Bethel Christian Union and Storms Chapel about our ministry in Zambia. We also had a chance to visit my brother-in-law and his family. They made our visit fruitful and a huge blessing.

We were privileged and blessed to be a part of everything. We found a home church away from home at Shiloh Christian Union. Pastor Chuck and the church family made us feel so special and blessed us in every way of life. Greg took Thomas and me to the Mission Jewelry where we met a precious, wonderful couple, Bec and James Moden. Her life was so outstanding—so full of bubbles with joy. May God continue to use her to answer people’s prayer requests. God is looking for such vessels (hands, feet, eyes and hearts to use).  

We went to Florida to be a part of the Lord’s Boot Camp. The Foot Washing Team was amazing. They did a great job here in Zambia. Orphans were so blessed, we just couldn’t meet all of the needs. We have thousands of orphans who have never worn a pair of shoes and if you can donate good used shoes for children, you put smiles and hope on them. In Florida, Steve Petersen and his family made our stay welcome and so much fun.  

We were so excited to be back home. We missed home and everything. We are back into our normal routine. The work here is so huge and enormous. It takes one to come to Zambia and see for yourself how God touches lives through Teen Missions. We are teaching two classes each in our BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center. Thomas works with the students on our base’s projects. He is just amazing with his ability to watch over what has been entrusted to him. I learn a lot from his life. He has a huge heart for this ministry. We are so blessed as a family.

2015_Zambia_127IMPORTANT: We are going into Boot Camp and I just love Boot Camp because I can lead souls to Christ. Thomas runs our Ndola Early Boot Camp. I teach classes in Boot Camp and run our Boot Camp kitchen. We are just about to start recruitment. Thank God for Barb and Doug. They have trained us so well as our coordinators. Such a blessing to drink from their vast experience and knowledge. As a family we have received so much from them.

Neema is going into college in January. She has grown into a very beautiful and mature young lady. To God be the Glory! Jessica, Timothy and Thomas Jr. are all growing so fast. Being a mom is the best thing ever. It blesses my heart.

Thank you so much for all of the prayers and financial support towards our ministry. Your support keeps us in the harvesting of lost souls. Special thanks to Shiloh C.U. Mission2015_Zambia_041 Board for your education support for our children. What a huge burden off of our shoulders. Thank you to all of our faithful partners. May God reward your faithfulness.  

In His Harvest,

Thomas, Jackie, Neema, Jessica, Timothy and Thomas Jr.

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