Musentekwa, Kunda & Purity Newsletter (Fall 2015)

IMG_4506Greetings to all our partners in the ministry. We trust the Lord has been with you as He has been with us in all aspects of life. It is with pleasure that we share with you what God is doing in Zambia.


Our family is fine, although Purity has had Malaria, but is now recovered. Our daughter, Kutemuna Zoe, is fine and growing so fast. She is nine months old. It is amazing for us to watch her development as she is now crawling and standing.


Students from the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center have begun the next term. I am teaching Church History and Personal Evangelism. As part of our practical use of evangelism I took the students to Chifubu village. This village has a Muslim stronghold. We were so blessed to see 20 people give their lives to the Lord. Praise God for the marvelous things He has done. One of our staffers, Robert Yoder, has taught me how to drive our trucks. I have now taken up the responsibility as one of our drivers. That has also been a blessing. Pray for my safety as I drive. This next term I will be teaching Church History II and Geography. I need God’s wisdom as I teach.

Rescue Unit:

It is always a blessing to have the children from the AIDS Orphans Rescue Units come to our camps here at the base. Recently we had a camp and 52 young people were here for three days. Our assistant director, Kathy Vanderpool, was here at the time. It was a blessing for these children to meet her. The kids had a wonderful time together, singing songs, playing games and listening to the teaching of God’s Word. We gave out books, pencils, pens and some mathematical sets to the children. Some medicines were also given out. Praise God for this ministry.


We are currently running three Motorcycle Sunday School Missions circuits: Dola Hills, George compound, and Kasongo. The Dola Hill kids come to the base. My wife helps when she can with the teaching. One of our staffers, Koba helps with the teaching at George. It is a 10 kilometer bike ride to George. Koba makes that trip on Saturday morning and when he gets back I take the bike to Kasongo, a 15 kilometer trip. The journey takes about 1 1/2 hours total. Some elderly people are asking us for phonics training and we are doing that as well.

A Story:

One of the kids who came to the camp was a girl named Ruth Kangunu. She is 13 years of age and comes from a Muslim background. On the second day she heard the Gospel being preached. In her heart she was wondering if the Gospel was just for others or if she qualified to be born again. She came and asked if she qualified. We, of course, said yes and led her to the Lord Jesus. She was overwhelmed with joy and requested if we would come and share with her family, which we did. Please pray for Ruth and her family as they grow in Christ.

Prayer Requests:  

1. Pray for God’s wisdom as we teach.  

2. Pray for God’s divine provision.

3. Pray for Spiritual growth.

4. Pray for good health.

Yours in His service,  

Kunda, Purity and Kutemuna Zoe Musentekwa


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