Yost, Bob & Paula Newsletter (Fall 2015)

Yost Staff NewsletterDear Family and Friends,

The Teen Missions year is starting once again. We are finishing up from this last summer and looking forward to what God has for us in the coming year. It is always an adventure when you open your eyes, your ears and your heart to what God has for you.

The Rock Room “After”
The Rock Room “Before”

This last summer, He took us to Ireland. We had a small team (12 team members) and only three leaders. We worked with Ireland Outreach in Dalkey, just south of Dublin. It was a great location for a Preteen team—a walled compound with a large grassy area that the kids loved to play in. Our projects involved concrete and landscaping. The team worked hard and got a lot done in the short amount of time we were in Ireland. Our first project involved moving a swing set, digging out the anchors and leveling the ground in preparation for pouring concrete later on. We then worked in the “rock” room— a small storage room that had a huge granite rock in it. We built forms around it to encase it, covered the rock with six inches of sand and then poured concrete. It took two long days of pouring concrete and serving meals on the installment plan to get the rock covered. We praise God for the cement mixers we had to use and the adult help we had. (Most of our team were not tall enough to dump the sand/gravel mixture and cement into the mixers.) The ministry now has flat surfaces in their storage room, making it easier to store things. Our second concrete project involved pouring a 19’ x 15’ slab where the swing set used to be. This was done in two pours. The kids worked hard getting the job done. We are thankful for the help we had from the volunteers at the mission; we couldn’t have done it without them.

The weeded rose garden
Getting ready to pour concrete

Another of our projects was weeding the rose garden around an old tower on the property. The kids worked hard on getting normal weeds as well as the invasive plants out. While not as demanding as pouring concrete, it was still hard work. The last part of our project time was spent filling a skip (dumpster) with miscellaneous items that needed to be gone. The kids had fun playing with some of the items while moving them to the skip.

On our Saturdays we did some sightseeing. The first Saturday we took the DART train into Dublin and handed out tracts, a new experience for most of the team. After that we walked over to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a tour. An interesting tidbit: when Jonathan Swift (author of “Gulliver’s Travels”) was dean of the cathedral, he had a rolling pulpit. If you fell asleep during one of his sermons, he would have the pulpit rolled over and rap you on the head to wake you up. Wouldn’t that be interesting if done in today’s churches! On the way back to the DART station, we walked through the medieval part of Dublin.

Dinner with Ireland Outreach staff and volunteers

On the next Saturday, along with Ireland Outreach staff, we bused to the other side of Ireland and visited the Irish Stud (where we wished we would have seen more horses) and visited Bonratty Castle and Folk Park. We had a tour of the castle (ca. 1425 AD) and got to see a number of buildings ranging from medieval times to the 1800’s. And of course there was souvenir shopping. A good time was had by all. Two nights before we left we were treated with an ice cream party for our team with the staff and church members—a wonderful way to close out our time in Ireland.

Besides the work projects, we had fun together, did some sightseeing and got to know the staff and volunteers at Ireland Outreach. I know our team misses Mr. Daniel who came to be the liaison between our team and the ministry. (Ireland Team—we got to visit with Mr. Daniel when we were in California this August.) We are thankful for the assistance that Mr. Hannes (from Austria) gave on concrete days. We couldn’t have done it without him. Mr. Kevin (from California) was our tour guide to Dublin. The fresh lettuce and rhubarb from the garden provided by Helmut (Germany) were thankful additions to our meals. The Johnson family who lived on property had children that our kids loved to play with. Evelyn (England) a volunteer who helped get a large mailing out enjoyed our kids. Charles (staff) faithfully went to the post office and got our mail—very important when you are far from home.

92 Trusses
2015 Nehemiah Trusses Peanut Team

Besides the Ireland Preteen Team, Bob led a Peanut Team—once again, Nehemiah Trusses. His Peanut team had all the peanut boys who attended the camp this summer, as well as some girls. The other Peanut teams were all-girl teams. They enjoyed their time together learning about God and made 20 more trusses which have already been used for our covered sidewalks.

We had quick visits with friends and supporters during our two weeks in California. (We look forward to spending more time with you the next time we head west.) Most of our time was spent working at my dad’s house in Walnut Creek, trying to get it empty and ready to sell. It was a lot of work—my mom collected everything and my dad saved everything…or so it seemed. We did four days of estate sales and managed to reduce the amount of stuff that was left by 2/3 to 3/4. It was fun remembering stories about things we were trying to sell, a few sad times, and a lot of hard work. Bob and I simply ran out of time to get it all done. One of my brothers is going out to finish the process.

Playing with trash before throwing it away
Crazy Hair Day

Now that we are back at Teen Missions after our deputation time in California, Bob is cleaning up from the summer. He usually unpacks stuff brought back by the teams and gets them into their proper places. Soon he will be getting literature orders in and begin getting ready for next year’s teams and Overseas Boot Camps. I have been playing catch-up from the summer and our time in California. Our fiscal year-end is September 30, so there are accounts to balance and reports to run. In the Finance Dept. there is never a down time, we are always busy.

God blessed us with a wonderful summer, good teams and you!
Without you we could not be here serving the Lord with Teen Missions. Thank you.

Servants in Christ,

Bob and Paula Yost

955 Butia St.

Merritt Island, FL 32953

[email protected]

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