Adams, Joshua & Sarah Newsletter (Fall 2015)

Dear Family and Friends,

IMG_7327254 Deaths

That’s right—254 men and women died to their flesh this summer. Our team was based in Evansville, Indiana, with TTT Christian Youth Ministries and our focus was sharing the Gospel at the county fairs. Every afternoon we would drive to three or four of the many county fairs in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. God used the team to share with over 2500 people, out of which 254 accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior! It was amazing to see God working like that on a day-to-day basis. 11 team members and 12 Bible school students participated in advanced evangelism training. Sarah and I had front row seats to watch God work in the lives of the team. As prayer and financial partners, you were very much involved in 254 men and woman accepting Christ as their Lord and Saviour. You were also a part of the discipleship of 23 young men and women—if it wasn’t for you that wouldn’t have happened.

Strangers 2 Friends

IMG_6005The summer team was not the end to our travels and yes, we met a few strangers and “strange” people (wink wink love you all), all of whom were awesome in so many ways. We spent four and half weeks travelling up the east coast and back down through the Bible belt. We spent time with some amazing people. We were absolutely blown away by the kindness and hospitality we received. We miss those we stayed with and look forward to seeing them all again someday. The purpose of the trip was to raise prayer and financial partners. I know we now have many more people as prayer partners, and the friendships that we kindled made the trip more than worth it! God taught us many lessons during that time—it was an iron sharpens iron trip. We were challenged in the areas of running a household to parenting, it was truly a blessing!

The Trailer In The Swamp

IMG_6045Yes, indeed. We live in a trailer out in a swamp. Our purpose for living here is to serve God, sure sometimes it’s not the nicest, it sometimes has the smell of something funky and mosquitoes are everywhere, but goodness we have it better than most of the world! God has us here for a purpose and He has given us the opportunity to reach out to the Bible school students on a day to day basis. We have an open house policy, we are blessed every evening with a student dropping in to say hi or to talk. We love being able to counsel when needed or just be a listening ear. Again, without your prayers and financial support we would not be in the position to minister to the students. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry to the students.

Sleepless In Manhattan

Sarah and I had the pleasure of taking a ferry over to Manhattan Island one night. Looking at the Statue Of Liberty as we passed by, I was hit with the overwhelming realization that this country needs someone to break out the defibrillator. The United States of America is no longer a nation seeking God and yes, we are still very much united, united in the sin that we glorify. We all need to be praying hard and sharing the Gospel with all that we can. God challenged us to be more active about sharing the love that He gave to us. Thank you for being tentmaker missionaries in your communities and your workplaces—that is where it stIMG_7006arts. Let us all strive to be better ambassadors for Christ every day.

Ministry At A Pride Event

Saturday, September 26, a group of us from our church went to a gay pride parade. We went to share the Gospel of Christ with anyone that we could. It was an interesting experience and our hearts went out to the lost men and women present. God showed us that we need to be actively sharing the Gospel, no matter the response that we think we’ll get or the response that we do get. Most of the people I spoke with were there to check it out, I only had one young man who got defensive. Most of these folks are hurting or lonely and trying to fill a void in their lives with sin… sound familiar? I think we all have been in that position; putting sin on a pedestal. That “void” is Christ shaped and can only be filled with Christ. This is a concept we all learn as babies—remember those shape toys where you have to put the right shape into the empty area? Good times! I’m only reminded of that because Titus has been going through that stage but it’s a good illustration to point out an important truth.

Sepia ColonialSarah and I greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support, you have made it possible for us to be able to serve with Teen Missions. You are part of this, we are merely an extension of your hands and feet. You have been a part of 254 people coming to Christ just this summer. You are a discipling the Bible School students with us which in turn impacts work all around the world as they go out and lead teams. Thank you for your partnership!

If you are interested in becoming one of our much-needed partners, please let us know. We do need prayer and financial partners,  right now, we have only 8 monthly financial partners, who really bless us.  Our goal is to bring our monthly support level up to 1200. Let us know how the Lord leads you by filling out and mailing in the coupon below.

God Bless You All!

Josh, Sarah and Titus Adams


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