Chinaka, Charles & Dorcas Newsletter (Fall 2015)

It is our privilege to serve in the Great Commission. Restoring lives is our joy!

2011_Mtshabezi_13How can you put your faith into action to bring joy to a precious child? Somewhere in the world a hurting child is waiting for someone to lift them up—someone to give them a fishline for them to be able to survive!

We thank God so much for Mr. Bland allowing us the privilege to serve with Teen Missions International (TMI). We also pass our commendation to all the TMI staff, for your prayers have kept us in the ministry and in the love of God.

Our goal is to see the House of Goodness Rescue Unit become a ministry for God’s glory. We have seen children, who had no future, be given a bright future. We have helped many children over the years and continue to see areas we can meet the needs of those who have struggles in life.  

Besides paying school fees, we also teach the Word of God in many ways, including games. We teach them life skills, such as making beads, necklaces and different crafts.

We do have a burden that we can find ways to equip the older orphans with skills to have a job and future. Pray with us for ways to do that.  


Tinashe Chinka, 15 years old, is in Form Three this year and he did well this past term. His grades were three Bs, one A and two Cs.

Chinaka FamilyTinotenda Ethan Chinaka, 13 years old, is in Form One. He is a promising young man. He is good in math accounting and science.

Chelsea Tariro Chinaka, 11 years old, is in grade five. She is doing well and is good in athletics. She represents the school in competitions. Keep watching the sport news and you will see her one day.

We are struggling with paying for their school fees. We need your help. We are asking for means to start a project towards their fees. We have been thinking of a chicken project that would greatly help with finances. Please pray for wisdom for us.

Yours in Christ,

Charles and Dorcas Chinaka


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