Nyoni, Nkosilathi & Takemore Newsletter (Fall 2015)

Greetings from a beautiful country of  Zimbabwe!

Nyoni FamilyIt is with such good pleasure to figure out that the Lord is always on the throne during our time of serving the Lord. Over a few years that has gone by, we have managed to face a lot of challenges, but by the strength that the Lord has supplied from above, He has kept us going forward. We really need the strength in the ministry.

I normally teach some of the Bible school classes. My favorite is Synthesis which is a survey of every book of the Bible. Each time we discover hidden truth and treasures, siphoning it out from the Word. I have taught Doctrine also. My wife, Takemore, also loves teaching Missions, Ethics and her favorite one, Personal Evangelism.

Throughout the year it is such fun too to see our lovely children grow. Joel, the first born, is as tall as me and now wears the same size shirt as me. The years have gone by so fast and he will be doing grade eight starting January next year. Joshua will be doing grade four next year and loves fixing things like Dad. Lastly Joseph/David, our lovely last born, just turned three on the 18th of August and keeps us on our toes. It looks like he is always working on something.

Maus Family SSThe Lord has blessed us as we are overseeing the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) program. MSSM has ballooned so greatly. We have 29 Sunday Schools running throughout the week and we have 15 students involved in Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center (BMW) Sunday Schools and eight Circuit Riders. All this came about when we were invited into the schools in three different locations. We have also been overwhelmed by the number of children in our Sunday Schools. The good thing is that they are always there and you find them in the same place. The teachers have been assisting us in maintaining the order which means they hear the Word at the same time. We are ministering to over 6,500 school kids and counting the teachers, the number goes above 7,000. This is so great and is the marvelous thing that the Lord is doing in our midst—Habakkuk 1:5. We are marvelling for sure at this and there are still so many who are appealing for assistance and who are hungry for the Word. This reminds me of Matthew 9:38 that says, “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into His harvest”.  For sure the harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few. It has come true in our circumstances and the work is so big and great. We have seen thousands being touched each week and blessed with the Word of the Lord through sharing and at the same time we are preaching to the parents. I remember seeing a lot of colouring papers stuck close to the cookers in the mud kitchens for a reminder of what was shared each week .

2015_Zimbabwe_069We were blessed this year with a American Teen Missions summer team. They assisted in distributing reading glasses. They really added to our MSSM ministry by offering the adults that we minister to the ability to read smaller text in the Bible. I was so stunned to see the adults having big smiles on their faces. There is a church that filled up after the team was here and it was so cool to see all of them carrying and reading their Bibles that they can now read. Nearly 1,200 people were heavily impacted by the gift of a pair of glasses . To God be all the glory!

Driving the team each day back and forth from our base was another good challenge and we made sure that we brought them back in one piece as they say. The Lord has blessed us with an organized program and the people participated patiently. Some areas had people who were trying to be difficult, but the Lord worked in their hearts and were allowed in to do our presentations; otherwise it all went well. We were sad to see the team leave and we thank God for the support of Teen Missions and its staff for praying. We could not do much without all this overwhelming support.

2015_Zimbabwe_093There have been other great additions to our ministry. We had been struggling alot with our Circuit bicycles. We had to work extremely hard to keep them working. You should have seen the big smiles on our Circuit Riders’ faces as each was handed a brand new, strong Buffalo bicycle. What a wonderful encouragement to us as we soldier on with the ministry. Adding  to that, the Lord led us to a place where we met someone we knew who was selling a photocopier that was affordable. Now we are also blessed with a Gilotin paper cutter that we bought way cheaper than we could find anywhere else. So, we have already done two months of coloring papers. Mama Linda (Linda Maher) and my wife Takemore photocopied over 1000 copies that will cover a large group and cutting with the Gilotin was a lot easier than using a pair of scissors. It could have taken us five days to cut that many. We were working on our own brochure and thanks to Papa Tom (Tom Maher) for being such a great blessing in showing me how to do an advanced brochure for our 2015-16 teams. The team members are going to be stunned and surprised to see a new brochure.

Boot Camp comes2015_Zimbabwe_186 this month. We are going to be very busy with the recruiting as well as both of us teaching. We love it so much that we do it for the fun of it.

Each time we see the Lord touching lives we are so grateful. Literally, the parents that we reach out to are four times more than the kids, that is thousands each week. With the team alone, we saw over 4,000 in two weeks. There were so many here; the glory be to our Lord who supplies us with His abundant grace. We also appreciate all who are supporting us financially, spiritually with prayers, emotional support and whichever way possible. Thank you so much and we continue soldiering on in the ministry as the Lord gives us the grace.

Prayer requests:

1. The anointing of thousands and this abundant grace to continue

2. Good health upon our family

3. Public school teachers who are assisting MSSM to be blessed

4. Wisdom

Yours, the Nyonis serving with Teen Missions MSSM in Zimbabwe

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