Petersen, Steve & Gay Newsletter (Fall 2015)

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This year marked the 14th summer that Gay coordinated the Peanut Boot Camp. The 7-9 year ­olds learned, even at their young age, that they could serve the Lord. For First and Second Teen Boot Camps she taught the Phonics Classes (used for teaching English as a second language to younger kids). I again taught Advanced Evangelism, special well drilling training, ran sound in the Big Top and shared on some nights as an evening rally speaker. Some youth committed their lives to Christ for the first time, some returned to Him confessing their sin and others gave God their scars and bitterness from past abuse or family tragedy. We are grateful to the Lord for aDSCF5050ll He did in our lives in preparation for this summer of service around the world. To God be the Glory!


As we finished installing the new water well, the Muslim chief arrived to thank us. He allowed me to pray for him and his village. I prayed for God’s peace to rest there and that he and his people might come to know Christ as their Savior. They had received us warmly, helped with the setup of our campsite and the people were eager to hear the Gospel presentations in the Yao language on our Saber (digital player) and during our showing of the JESUS Film in their language. While some of our team members ran the drilling rig, the others played with the children and shared God’s Word through dramas, puppets and testimonies. 
DSCF5089The drilling project faced delays and breakdowns, but with God’s help we still finished in just eight working days. Afterwards, we setup the rig at the Heart of Faith AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit and finished a second well in just four working days. Thanks Malawi #2 for your hard work and cheerful hearts! We saw such amazing growth in your lives. We also praise the Lord for two awesome backup leaders (Jon & Abigail). They were amazing. To God be the Glory!

NEW ASSIGNMENT THIS COMING SUMMER! — Our First Native American Boot Camp!

IMG_2451Our director, Mr. Bland, has asked that we help start the first Native American Boot Camp this coming summer near Window Rock, Arizona. Two of the current students in our BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center are Navajo (Tim & Jeremiah) and will be helping with recruitment and the running of this new Boot Camp. There is always much spiritual warfare in starting a new Boot Camp and Teen Missions is looking for 1,000 prayer partners to agree to cover us in prayer as this exciting work begins. Currently, the plan is for two setup trips in October & December (I plan to go in October, Tim and Jeremiah would go on both trips). In the Spring, we would be looking for a volunteer team to go for a week to help set up some of the Obstacle Course and Boot Camp class locations. A special team of Former Team Members (FTMs) is planned, the Lord willing, to go with us to help run the Boot Camp in June through the first part of August.


IMG_2387I am teaching Synthesis III (1st Samuel through Esther) in this new term at the BMW. I also help maintain our computer network, web sites and help form priorities for our annual promotions and Video Department. Gay has begun a new year of homeschooling for Timothy and Faith and continues to help with her mother’s care in assisted living. In the TMI office she is currently handling Teen Missions various insurance responsibilities in the Personnel Department and is working on updates to our safety and training procedures, as well as filling in as the afternoon receptionist on occasion.

11215782_1675306926022826_6750225224238590512_nFROM TIMOTHY

This summer I got to experience life without my folks as they went to Malawi and I to Haiti. In Haiti, my team [of 27 teens] built desks for the school, painted the school, painted the church that was there and painted the church’s broadcasting studio. So in other words it was a lot of painting and one summer I will never forget! Thank you for your prayers and for your support.


DSCN1284This summer I went to Malawi, Africa with my parents, and I learned about the power of prayer. A little ways into drilling the pump broke. Now I don’t go to the drill site because I stay back and help Momma in the kitchen. So I did not know that the pump broke till lunch time. When the teens got to the campsite and told Momma and me, Daddy said that we should all pray. So we all prayed that the part that we needed for the pump would come. After that, daddy called the guy who had the part for the pump and it came in the next day. So when the team came for lunch the next day he told Momma and me that the pump worked. And that is what I learned in Malawi about the power of prayer.


● For safety and good health over thousands of miles (for us and for Timothy)

● For answered prayer in the completion of two clean water wells among the Yao

● For the ongoing new ministry that is now taking place among the Yao people

● For the amazing growth we saw in our team members this summer and for their love & unity as a team

Prayer Items:

● For strength & courage as hundreds of team members adjust to life & school at home and seek to continue their daily devotions and take a stand for Christ in an increasingly hostile world

● For God’s leading and open doors as we seek to begin our first Native American Boot Camp this coming summer

● For Gay as she homeschools Timothy (8th grade) and Faith (5th grade). Also for Gay’s mother, Joy, for good health and a thankful heart

Together in His Harvest,

Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen

Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:22 & 20 / Gal. 2:20



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