Sibanda, Claimet & Sipho Newsletter (Fall 2015)

Dear Family, Friends and Former Team Members,

Sibanda FamilySo much is happening at Teen Missions in Zimbabwe. During our summer (December and January), we ran Boot Camp, which is a very powerful time of the Lord working and  transforming the lives of many kids. We have witnessed a lot in this program and our lives are also shaped as we ministered to the kids. It is a joy to see kids coming to the Lord with open hearts, receiving Christ as Lord and Saviour of their lives.

We also have Zimbabwe Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center (ZBMW) which runs all year. We have three semesters, and currently there are 15 students. Nothing is more uplifting to the soul than to see our students growing in the Lord.

Chidren of Light SSWe have Motorcycle Sunday School Missions (MSSM) in which our students are involved. The Circuit Riders are ministering to over 7,000 kids each week. Seeing God’s work moving in such a way is so encouraging to us, especially as we are entrusted to oversee this work in Zimbabwe.

We were blessed to host a North American team in July and August. The team was an eyeglass/medical team and were able to give reading glasses to 1,200 people. We were receiving reports from area pastors of the blessing of seeing their congregations reading their Bibles in the church for the first time. Long after the team left people were still talking of the blessing of this team.

2015_Zimbabwe_105 2015_Zimbabwe_034Challenges arise, but they have caused us to grow stronger and stronger in the Lord. We value your support, and your prayers to make the Lord’s work go forward.

Please pray with us as we, again, are praying for 20 people who can help us with $25 twice a year. This will help our girls go to school.  Hope is now 15 years old and is in grade 9 and Delight is 11 years old and is in grade 6.

The Lord uses all of us to minister to His people everywhere around the world.

 2015_Zimbabwe_1862015_Zimbabwe_073Yours in Christ,

Claimet, Sipho, Hope and Delight


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