Wald, Christine Newsletter (Fall 2015)

WaldDear Friends, Family and Faithful Supporters,

2015_Uganda_044This summer I was in Uganda with 18 team members and two other leaders. Our time was split between work and evangelism. Our work project was at the Teen Missions base. We helped build the new dining hall for the Bible school students. The team started by tying steel, creating forms and pouring the ring beam. They also helped out with a lot of small projects like caring for the rabbits, grazing the goats, slashing grass and working in the gardens. They made a big impact at the base. In the afternoon we would walk to nearby schools and present the Gospel through songs, drama, puppets and Bible stories. We would end the afternoon with a game of soccer with the competitive school teams.

2015_Uganda_091I had it pretty easy in the kitchen this summer. We had electricity, running water, a two burner stove and a refrigerator. The only struggle we had was trying to bake in a brick oven, with a broken door, controlled by firewood. It was either too hot and burned the outside or too cold and didn’t cook at all. After losing two batches of banana bread, we gave up on the oven and lived without it.

Over the summer we saw a lot of growth in the team members as they each had to prepare and share their testimony as part of the daily presentations. The response from the audiences was encouraging. We saw over a hundred people come forward to accept Christ this summer. One of the best things about Africa is experiencing worship in the Lord in churches. Uganda is no different. They are very passionate and it is exciting to be a part of that.

The Uganda base has eighteen students. It was great getting to know them throughout the summer. They have a great ministry running Sunday Schools several days a week and speaking in local churches. The base also has a sewing ministry where they bring in local women, teach them to sew and then they make all kinds of goods to sell like purses, shirts, toys, necklaces and more. They also sew school uniforms which are required in order to attend any school.

Please continue to pray for my team, that they would be a light for Christ at home and in their schools. Nine of the eighteen kids on my team went forward during Debrief to commit their lives to full-time Christian service. Thank you for being my partners in ministry with your prayers and financial support. It is a blessing to serve the Lord here at Teen Missions.

Christine Wald


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