The Joy of Seeing Children Learn

Praise Report

SOR Nov 2015All is going well here at Teen Missions South Africa. We are very much well-adjusted to our new routines and lifestyle. I enjoy that we stay constantly busy around here. There’s never really a moment to become homesick because you’re always surrounded by a new loving family. That being said, Emily and I were a bit curious on how Thanksgiving would go. We envisioned the two of us sitting at our table eating chicken, potatoes, and whatever else we could scrape up to resemble that of Thanksgiving. But instead we were so blessed to be invited to join the Shrocks and their family and friends for a big traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. It was so much fun getting to relax and just enjoy being together.

12239729_10156210697295484_3526149548437302920_nOur three MSSM circuits are growing stronger and stronger every week. We are all slowly learning the names and stories of the children. It is really such a blessing to have the opportunity to be a part of their lives, even if it is just for a short while. Each child brings so much joy to us and end up teaching us something when it was our intention to be teaching them. I hope that we can find a local that wants to continue the program after we leave.

This past month with the students was very intense and all about getting as much as they could done before the term ended. A few of them were very excited to get to see their family, others were just happy to get a break from work and studying.

11145557_10153464341338467_3364414639227562952_nEvery day we are getting closer and closer to Boot Camp. There are many preparations to be done before we are ready. We have been painting and putting up signs, organizing the team’s supplies, and clearing areas for tent sites. I am very excited to be a part of Boot Camp here. Emily and I will be teaching classes and helping in the kitchen as well as anywhere else they need. We will not be leading any teams. I know that God will be doing great things with the teams going out.

I am thankful for God keeping me safe and healthy this far, and for the many new friends I continue to make.

Sincerely, Caity


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