Koboko, Uganda Boot Camp Report

Lives Changing Because of Boot Camp Teams

Uganda FlagBoot Camp in Koboko, Uganda has 100 team members and leaders on 3 teams. The two teams at the base are called “Love Work” and “Pearl of Africa”. They worked on the floor of three rooms and painted the office.They also connected the PVC pipes for both the boys and the girls toilets.They organized the store and arranged all the tools and Obstacle Course items. They also did some landscaping around the compound.

A young lady on the “Pearl of Africa” team couldn’t memorize scripture when she joined the team. After she gave her life to Christ, she began memorizing scripture and is doing very well now. 

“Joy Evangelism/Choir” went to the Arua District for their project site. They went through one part of the village with door-to-door evangelism outreach and people are giving their lives to Christ.

One of the drunk men of that village gave his life to Christ. The following day he came to the pastor’s office sharing that it was his first time to see young people preaching the gospel. That motivated him to give his live to Christ together with his wife. 

Because of these 3 teams and their hard work for the Lord, so much work has been done and 102 people have given their life to the Lord. 



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