South Africa Boot Camp Update

Teams Are Hard at Work

South Africa FlagThe South Africa base is currently running their Boot Camp. They have 82 team members and leaders on four different teams. The teams have worked very hard doing their projects and being a blessing to the people they meet. 

The four teams have reported 120 people giving their hearts to Christ, and have helped in many projects. They have completed the stage for a church pulpit, dug a pit for the toilet for the church, painted, done door-to-door evangelism, and installed electricity in different places. 

The Zebra and Hyena teams are working hard and have seen sincere growth in their team members and are working diligently installing electricity, and building additions to existing buildings. They have helped lead four people to the Lord. 

The Orioles team is an evangelistic team and they are going door to door and have helped lead 30 people to the Lord this week. 

The Water Buffalo team has been very busy. They have helped immensely at a church, building the stage and digging a pit for the church, and trying to help the rainwater no longer run into the church. Their evangelism efforts have been truly blessed, and they have helped lead 60 people to the Lord. The Water Buffalos team members prayed over and for many people, including a man in a wheelchair who reported feeling better after being prayed over. They also prayed for a young man who is addicted to a drug called “nyope” (similar to meth). The family of the young man asked the team to come back the next morning and pray for him and counsel the young man. The family was extremely blessed by the team. 



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