Gap Year–Emily in South Africa

Blessed to Serve Here


Dear Friends & Family.

I never get tired of our ministries here. I can’t wait to share the skills I’m learning with my friends and family back in Indiana. Evangelism and outreach have become easier now that I know how to approach people and what verses to share with them. Preparing for and sharing in chapel has left me with outlines and notes that I can continue to put to use in bible studies and evangelism. Also, I now know many of the songs and hymns in my “Shake the World” music book I received before Boot Camp. I’ve heard about and seen how music can open one’s heart to listening to the Word. I hope to learn how to play the guitar or ukulele before leaving this beautiful country.

I was sad to see Lydia leave. She’s been such an awesome friend and sister to me. She showed me the ropes and taught me so much in the few months I’ve been here. I look at the world and people differently because of her. The obstacles in my path aren’t impossible to tackle because I have a great God. I’ve learned that people are usually more willing to listen to what you have to say if you’re kind and considerate to them. I hope to see Lydia again someday and reminisce.

We had a couple of gentlemen come from Jason and Karen’s home church and bless us with their skills. Jack and Gary repaired our water pipes and touched our hearts. They reminded me of what it means to surrender to Jesus and be obedient. They were so willing to just sit and talk with us and listen to what was on our hearts. We shared a few awesome meals together; some with the students, and others that the staff made. Tia and I made soup and rice for them and Shanty and I prepared a chicken dinner. Preparing the meals was fun, but watching the guys eat the meals was even better. In the midst of crazily baking cookies, I realized that I was happier and felt more at home here than ever before. We hope that their plans of returning with a team come together.


Prayer Requests:

Please pray for my role(s) during Boot Camp.; that whatever God wants me to do, I would have a servant’s heart and be obedient.

Also, please pray that as I become more independent, all I do would please God; that I would have wisdom and discernment in everyday situations.

Thank you and God Bless,


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