Tanzania Boot Camp Report

Bicycles, Evangelism, and Hard Work

Bicycle Team

Tanzania has four teams this year at their Boot Camp, comprised of 89 team members and leaders. 

The teams are working on landscaping and they have built the base for the water tank that they want to install. The teams are also painting the ceiling board in the building. The teams have helped with the garden for the BIBLE MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center students. They did a great job and got everything ready for the BMW students to continue and have a bountiful garden this year. The team completed the stairs from the dormitory to the ground. 

The bicycle team is excited every time that they go out and do evangelism on their bikes. They ride up to 20 K.M. a day and have been going every other day. A Muslim man stopped them one day on their usual route. The man said that he had seen them riding every day and wanted to hear what they had to say. They preached to him and his family, and two of the man’s family members gave their lives to Christ!

The teams have reported leading 96 people to salvation in the lord, and are excited to continue on their mission for the Lord

A team from Australia visited and encouraged these four teams by singing songs and sharing the love of God. The Australian team got to eat African food and experience the way that the Africans work. All five teams enjoyed each other, and were a blessing to one another. 

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