Ayers, Bryan & Dawn Newsletter (Winter 2016)

DSCN0134Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter after a great year in 2015 where in just the summer and fall our family completed more than 42,000 combined miles and nine different areas of ministry. My hope is that you will see the difference going on in the world through our ministry with Teen Missions and feel the need to partner with us. Just a little over a year ago, we took a leap of faith and moved to Florida to work at Teen Missions International.

Why here and why us?

Two and a half years ago, God began planting the missionary work idea into our heads again. We came together at Teen Missions back in 1986. After being married and having Jonathan, we were led to Bible school in Colorado from 1993­-1997. Serving as a pastor and mentoring people spiritually had been a great joy for 16 years. Looking back over the last year of serving here, we can see how God has prepared us in leadership, Bible teaching and discipleship so that we can serve here well. God had also put it into other people’s minds to partner with us in this work as well. How has this worked out?

With the power of God, our partners and we together rocked the world in 2015! We truly could not have accomplished what we have over the past twelve months alone. Some highlights:

At the Florida base around 600 young people were trained at the Lord’s Boot Camp. Hundreds came forward during the two weeks of nightly rallies seeking God’s salvation and help. After their teams, around 200 of them indicated a call to full-time Christian service for their future.

Two villages in Malawi, Africa heard the Gospel and now have clean drinking water after Jonathan’s Malawi Well Drilling team worked with them for four weeks.

Thousands heard the Gospel in Indiana while Abby’s team lead more than 200 people to Christ.

58 Malagasy people decided to follow Christ during Luke’s team to Madagascar. He said it was like living a story from a missionary book.

DSCN0144Dawn and I assisted in training and mentoring 36 Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center (BMW) students for future ministry.

These victories are just from the work in which our family participated. During the Malawi Boot Camps and teams in Africa, over 1,000 people came to Christ. In India, around 200 new people are following Christ. Through our work at Teen Missions we are directly and indirectly involved in all of this and more, but not only us. The prayer and financial support of our partners means they share in the victories as well. Our partners are an answer to prayer!

Partnership That Works

Dawn and I realize that your financial giving comes at a price – not just monetarily, but in what it represents: skill, talent, time and energy. We also understand that you could be spending it on your own pursuits and loved ones. For that, we thank you for your consideration. We know that your prayers come at a price as well. We want to let you know that your prayers – however long, short, loud or soft – are powerful and effective.

There is such a variety of involvement that people have with us. Some give one-time gifts annually and some monthly. There are friends who give anywhere from $10 to $300 a month. Prayer partners pray for us daily and some mention us to be prayed for in their circle of friends or Sunday School classes.

It takes around $4,000.00 in donations coming in per month for us to live and serve here at Teen Missions. Our current level of support is about $1,600.00 monthly on a regular basis. In 2014, there was a large balance of one-­time gifts that covered for the deficit over 2015. That is now depleted, so we are making this opportunity available again to you. We are inviting you to be a part of the results like the ones that were experienced in 2015. 2016 is full of potential!

What’s coming up?

You can imagine how encouraged our partners and we get as we recount the victories, miracles, and breakthroughs we saw as a result of their generosity last year. We know the road ahead won’t be easy, but the results ahead are worth the work:

2016 mission trips for young people – Mission trips for young people are at the heart and soul of what we do here. From those experiences they are able to hear God’s voice for their present spiritual life and their future in His kingdom. We are scheduled to go with a Preteen team to Prince Edward Island, Canada to evangelize along the Confederation Trail.

Directing the 2016 Preteen Boot Camp – This coming summer I will direct the training camp for Preteens. Our love for this age group and for summer mission trips bring us to this position. We are excited, but a little nervous at the same time.

DSCN0069Teaching and mentoring – Dawn and I have had many opportunities to encourage and counsel students at the Bible school here. Teaching at the school will continue to be one of my great joys.

Year-Round Labor­ – Teen Missions labors year round in 30+ bases around the world. Working in Motorcycle Sunday School Missions, BMW and Personnel has an impact on so many every day, plus our activities in our local church.

We can’t wait to see what the Lord does through this next year in our ministry partnership work together. You can use the contribution form below to indicate your involvement and details. If you have any questions, please contact us using the email or phone number below.

In Christ,

Bryan and Dawn Ayers

email: [email protected]

phone: 321-­338-­7239


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