MacPherson, Todd & Rosemary Newsletter (Winter 2016)

MacPhersonDear Friends and Family,

The present is sandwiched between the past and the future. We all know this, but at the beginning of a new year the thought just seems more relevant.

The last year for us brought about changes to our family structure. We saw two loved ones leave us. Todd’s father’s father (Marvin MacPherson) in March and my mother’s mother (Hilde Hollinger) on December 24. We are sad to see them go, but are also reassured to know that we can see them in Heaven later.

Caleb and Megan dancing down the aisle.

Caleb and Megan dancing down the aisle.

We also have three additions we are happy to receive. Ben Vaughan joined our family in April when my sister (Naomi) and he decided life was best together. Megan Campbell joined the family in November after capturing Todd’s younger brother’s (Caleb’s) heart. And Phillip MacPherson, our new son, thought the 24th of November was the perfect day to arrive.

Teen Missions Canada saw 28 Canadians go on teams. Todd has learned much about how to run the office and promote Teen Missions here in Canada. The camp has been through another season of repair and maintenance (aka lots of grass cutting) and is now closed for the winter.

This last year we have seen God at work through all of you who support and pray for us. The Teen Missions van broke down on Todd’s way back from a promotion event. There are so many things that could have been worse or more badly timed, but he was home that night minus a van. Phillip was born at the perfect time after Todd got back from his brother’s wedding and the snow waited to really fall until after Phillip decided to come which is not normal. Last year we had mold in our house, and this year we were given a dehumidifier to keep our house moisture normal. Everyday that I’m able to clothe my children, buy passports, pay for rent, as well as go to mission events and on trips with teenagers is a blessing. Thank you! You make a difference in our lives.



This year the focus for the winter and spring promotions are homeschool conferences because the summer trip dates would have many Canadian teenagers miss the last few weeks of school and exams.

Todd’s first trip will be going to Vancouver for Mission Fest (a large mission conference in British Columbia) at the end of January. He is travelling by car because along the way he has some schools that have allowed him to come and speak at their assemblies. He will be gone for two weeks. Thankfully, Todd’s mom has said she would love to come spend time with the kids and me while Todd is traveling across the country. Todd will be with the Fasts (other staffers who do west coast promotion in the US) at Mission Fest and hopes to learn as much as he can from the veterans.

The Family at Church before Phillip was here

The Family at Church before Phillip was here

This summer we are leaving Canada! There is a team this year that is traveling to Arizona to run our first Indian Boot Camp. This a program to train American Indian teens and then have them on projects throughout the western United States. There is hopes of doing that here in Canada, so Todd is hoping to learn all that he will need to do that. Originally the whole family was going. I was thinking of finding ways to entertain toddlers on busses, but it was determined that the place they are going for the camp was not safe for little ones; therefore, the children and I will stay behind in Florida and help in the staff day care known as Munchkin Missions.

At present our house is a mad house. Phillip is six weeks old, sleeps well at night, but sleeps awful in his own bed and napping is questionable, which may change by the time you get this. Kara is a helpful big sister who loves copying her older brother. Shemar is an active three year old and it is winter. At times I do not enjoy the chaos, and tire of hearing the shouts of “mom” but at the end of the day I realize it is a privilege to be mom.  

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.  

Happy new year from:

Todd, Rosemary, Shemar, Kara, Phillip MacPherson

II Corinthians 12:9-10


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