Aronson, Emery & Linda Newsletter (Winter 2016)


IMG_0376Happy New Year!  Praise the Lord we are almost finished with all the repairs and putting things back together from the lightning strike on our house.  The insurance company paid for the hotel where we stayed until repairs were made and most of the appliances that were damaged.  We are thankful for the way the Lord protected us, supplied our needs and showed us that He is in control and He has everything under HIS control.  

IMG_0399We have had some good times spent with our grandkids.  Aiden likes to come to Grandma’s work and likes to take over her chair.  We enjoyed walking the mall during Christmas seeing all the decorations.  I found a good bargain (“Charlie Brown” Christmas tree at Home Depot) and put it up this year.  It’s always nice to have the fresh smell in the house.  Teen Missions was in a couple of the local parades so the grandkids and Nanny enjoyed the cool day watching the parade.

IMG_0529Christmas time was a good time with family, also.  My sister who hasn’t been down for awhile was here with her four kids so for Christmas dinner we had a total of 21 people.  What a blessing to have family together, treasure the times you have you never know when it might not happen.

There is a space museum in our area  that had a space shuttle on display as a model.  They decided to move it some place else, so when it was moving down the barge canal we were able to see it up close. It is amazing how big it actually is when you get to see it right in front of you.

shuttleEmery will be driving the bus for the Preteen Prince Edward Island team, this is the description of the team from the brochure:

Travel: Your summer begins with mission training at the Lord’s Boot Camp. After you complete Boot Camp, you board a bus and begin the drive through the Eastern Seaboard states of Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia to Washington D.C. where you may see the Washington Monument and other patriotic sites as you drive through the city. You push on through several more states to New Brunswick, Canada, before crossing the Confederation Bridge to PEI. Ministry: This team will navigate part of the 170-mile Confederation Trail across Prince Edward Island. As you bike along the Confederation Trail, you will share in towns and villages along the way and your journey will lead you from one exciting discovery to another. You are sure to have many opportunities to share the Gospel as you go. You may even help with a small work project at a local church and encourage them with a team presentation. Living simply, you will camp in tents and do your laundry in a bucket. Adventure:  PEI is a favorite vacation destination for people from around the world. The stories from “Anne of Green Gables” will come alive as you visit historical Green Gables and swim at the beach on the famous North Shore near Cavendish. This will run from June 22 to July 28 so it will be a short time away.

kids 11:15-1Linda will be on the Mustard Seeds team again, here is the description from the brochure for this team:

Mustard Seed Camp is offering tickets to fly “AIR TEEN MISSIONS” on the newly constructed (non-moveable) airplane. Enjoy “in flight” snacks and video presentations of Teen Missions ministries around the world. You will have your “passport” stamped for each country you “visit”. Train as a Flight Cadet for Jesus when you memorize Scripture, participate in Bible stories, run the Obstacle Course and work on crafts to earn your Wordless Book badges. At the end of the program, you will know how to share the plan of salvation with others. You will also earn the Mustard Seed Wings when you complete your training.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.  We know that without them we would not be doing this.

The Aronsons


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