Bobb, Canaan Newsletter (Winter 2016)

BOBB  CAN 38029Hello Friends and Family, 

Once again, thank you so much for all your prayers and support. It is because of you that I am able to do what I do. Everything has been going great and there is a lot going on here at Teen Missions.


Recent News

Since my last newsletter I have been switched from the Maintenance Department to Conference Center. Working in the Conference Center is great. Dad is the department head so I work with him a lot. Most of what I do is remodeling dorm rooms. We are allowed to remodel two rooms a year so we just started on two more rooms. We have also started preparations for the second annual AIDS Orphans 5k Mud Run which will be May 7. Most of the course is already built so a lot of the work now involves promotions and contacting people.

Me with some friends at Bethel Chapel

Me with some friends at Bethel Chapel

My family and I recently took a trip to Ohio. We were able to visit 10 churches, and we saw a lot of friends and family. We had a “Thanks for Giving” spaghetti dinner at Bainbridge United Methodist to say “thank you” for all the support. The Floras, a family that used to be on staff at Teen Missions but left six years ago and moved to Australia, were in Ohio visiting family and we were able to see them which was really neat. On our way home from Ohio, we stopped in Nashville for two days and visited with my older sister, Taylor, and her husband Wes. We did some sightseeing around Nashville for a day which was cool.

Very recently I spent three days in the hospital. The entire time I was hooked up to an EEG. The doctors were observing me and trying to trigger a seizure to see where the seizures start in my brain. They also worked out a plan to get me off of a medicine I am taking that doesn’t work and only makes me feel terrible. The doctors were unable to trigger a seizure, but they did get the information they needed because I have abnormal brain activity in my sleep and they could see where that started.

I recently got some news on where I may be going this summer. It looks like I will be a leader on a team to Asia, probably the Philippines or Nepal. After that team I may go to Cambodia until December and work at the 160 acre property they have there. I am still praying about it and nothing is certain yet.

Visiting with the Flora s

Visiting with the Floras


Madison and Zoe have both been doing well in school. Madison is beginning to look at colleges (she is still 16) but right now she wants to go to Ohio State. It was great seeing Taylor and Wes in Nashville. They both really enjoy their jobs. We had the opportunity to visit both of their work places and stay at their apartment for two nights. Madison, Zoe, Taylor, Wes and I played board games both nights. Mom is still keeping busy with the students. There aren’t as many now. I think we are down to 28. Dad has also been keeping busy. The person who started the AIDS Orphans 5k Mud Run is no longer with Teen Missions so it was decided that our department would take over. Dad has been doing most of the planning and contacting sponsors. That’s what he does

Getting coffee with a friend in Nashville

Getting coffee with a friend in Nashville

most of the day now. We have all been pretty busy.

Prayer Requests:

-Financial support

-Direction for the future


-Mom with the Bible School and Dad as he plans the Mud Run

-All the TMI bases around the world


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