Petersen, Doug & Barb Newsletter (Winter 2016)

Petersen DB Staff NewsletterPreach the word!  Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all long suffering and teaching.   For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine…II Timothy 4:2,3a

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy and Blessed New Year!  Much is already happening but first let me say we had a great time being home for a short time in October and November.  We enjoyed the fellowship with family and friends, including a wonderful Thanksgiving at Steve’s.   We are sorry we were not able to see more people but we needed to get back to Zambia for Boot Camp and Graduation in December.  We will share a few pictures of events and what is ahead.

Boot Camp Year  :  There were 16 full teams this year.  Eight were here at our base in Ndola.  Four were in Mansa and four were in Solwezi.  Many lives were saved and rededicated, with many young people who desire to serve the Lord in the future.  Two of the teams were able to travel on the train.  One team went to Lusaka and one to Livingstone.  The young people were very excited about the adventure because the train has new passenger cars and even some sleepers.  On Commissioning night it is always a thrill to see the line of lit candles as the teams march out to head to their projects.

BMW:  We are interviewing and enrolling students for the new intake.  The first classes will begin on Jan. 18.  Doug will be busy getting caught up with administration in the office and do limited teaching.  I will teach Acts and Grammar.  We had a beautiful graduation with 12 graduates  and 10 commissioning to become interns during Boot Camp.  The interns will receive assignments and most will do their internships in the rural areas at our Rescue Units.

PICT0053 Australia Boot Camp Team:  The Aussies sent over a team of nine to do a big project out in Wangibasha.  They are setting up the grinding mill and a small building to house it.  They come back to our base in a couple of days.  TMI in Australia gave the grinding mill to the Rescue Unit as a gift.  We are very grateful to TMI Australia for this big love gift, purchased, delivered, and set up.  Thank you!

MSSM:  The motorcycles are a challenge to keep running but still the Circuit Riders keep visiting their Sunday Schools each week.  I just finished typing some of their reports and will include a few of their stories for you to see what is happening with them.  It is a difficult and sometimes lonely ministry.  Yet they have some of the most interesting things to share as they keep on keeping on.  Below are a couple of stories in the words of the Circuit Rider Steve Kasoma

***A young couple is thanking Sims MSSM for helping them when they were passing through difficulties after they lost their twin babies. They stopped going to church and stopped attending Sunday School. These babies died from severe malaria. They died in the same day. One died in the morning and the other died in the afternoon. It was a bad situation that this young couple, Mr. and Mrs. Fumbela, went through. After the burial of their children they stopped doing everything. They were just sitting in the house and sleeping. One day we visited the head village and the head man explained what the Fumbela’s are passing through. So he said “Let’s go there with their parents.” We went with them and we encouraged the young couple. Afterwards we prayed for them and they received Christ as their personal Savior, including the head man of the village and the parents. So seven people were saved that day. We are thanking God for the wonderful working power today to the Fumbela’s. They are now doing fine.

***One lady by the name of Peggy appreciates the work of MSSM in the remote areas of Lufwanyama. This lady was sick with a runny tummy for almost 5 weeks. She went to the clinic. She tried traditional medicine and nothing helped her. One day she came to Sunday School looking for help. She was carried to us on a bicycle bPICT0071y her husband. She was powerless. I asked her problem and she explained everything. After that I gave her medicine she asked me to pray for her. Immediately she said, “I am healed, Amen.” She began sweating profusely and said, “Something is coming out of my body and I am healed.”  They went home. The following week they came praising God and thanking Him and truly you could tell that this lady was healed. She came walking and she said, “I was dead and am alive!” She said that she is thankful to Teen Missions for good medicine and for prayers. She said to please continue to help us. God sent you for a purpose.

We thank ALL of you for your faithfulness to God and to us.  So often you totally surprise us with your generosity as you give to God’s work in Zambia and to us.  We love you and pray for God’s blessing to rest upon you this year and for Him to meet everyone of your needs.  May He may He surround you with His love and “anoint your head with oil and your cup run OVER!”   Amen.

Thank you for joining your hands with ours as we labor together,

In His harvest,

Doug and Barb Petersen

Matt. 6:33 and Gal. 2:20

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