Bice, Les & Cathy Newsletter (Winter 2016)


Dear Family and Friends,

Do you know the saying “time flies”? Well it really seems to. It seems like just yesterday, we were getting back from our summer trip to Indiana and here it is January 2016. Soon we will be getting ready for Boot Camp.

Our summer was spent at the TTT Ministries in Evansville, Indiana. Their purpose is to reach all the teens in the Fair Share 2TriState area around Evansville, and there are quite a few. The main purpose of our trip was to help TTT with their summer “Fair Share Program.” That program is setup so that people like us will go out to the local county fairs and set up a booth and hand out tracts and tell people about Christ. We do that in many ways. The best way is the use of a survey in which we ask questions to find out about where they think they will spend eternity. If they don’t know we show them how, by using Bible verses. It seems easy to do, but in reality it isn’t. The majority of these people just want to go to the fairs to ride the rides and see the shows and the animals. The last thing most of them want is to hear about Jesus.

The interesting part is that at one fair, we witnessed to a gentleman and he accepted the Lord. Then what really was great, is that he took the Bible we just gave him and went out thru the fair and witnessed to others there.

We had several other people that we talked to that didn’t want anything to do with Jesus, but then they would come back and then come back again. It is really wonderful to see how Jesus works in people’s lives. Some, like those people, you just pray for and let the Holy Spirit work, then you see them later and they have accepted Jesus at their home churches or with other Christians.Fair Share

Since this was our second year, we met people that we saw during our first visit and they told us how Jesus was working in their lives.

Look at what the Lord accomplished through our group of teens. We went to 14 county fairs in three states, surveyed 2,469 people and saw how the Holy Spirit worked. We will not know exactly how many people will accept The Lord as their Savior, thru the surveys, until the day we all go to Heaven. Thru the work of the Spirit we were able to lead 255 people to The Lord. As I said we will not know until we get to Heaven how many people’s lives were touched by what we did.

We were also involved in several Sunday services. We broke up into sometimes as many as three different groups to attend services. We had a great Sunday afternoon on our last Sunday there. We went to a farm where we had a very good meal. We were also able to enjoy  swimming and riding horses. The people at the farm are friends of George (the director of TTT) and hold a church service at their house.

George Rogers Clark Park 2015

George Rogers Clark Memorial Building

During our “free time” on weekends, we did some sightseeing. We went to the George Rogers Clark Park and Museum in Vincennes, Indiana. It was very interesting to see what part he had in the settling of Indiana and Kentucky. Also we had the opportunity to eat at The Log Inn. This is where President Abraham Lincoln visited in 1844. The restaurant is the oldest in the state. It was built in 1825.

During our last week in Indiana, we went to Holiday World. The park has sections based on the different holidays. And since it was located in Santa Claus, Indiana, a lot of the park had Christmas themes. The park also has a section for water rides. It was a nice change from all the work we did getting ready for the fairs and then attending the fairs.

On the trip back to TMI, we were able to stop at the “Creation Museum”. That was really exciting! We spent part of one day and then the next full day going thru the museum. The museum also had a petting zoo, where you could pet and feed different animals. The museum will also have a full size Noah’s Ark. The Ark is scheduled to open in the spring of this year.

AOSC (Aids Orphans & Street Children) will be hosting another “Mud Run”. Last year was our first year and it was great. There were a lot of runners and from all their comments they really thought that ours was one of the best they had been involved in. This year’s Mud Run will be held on Saturday, May 7, 2016.  The proceeds go to help orphans overseas.

Cathy is busy in the Finance Department and I am continuing to convert all the previous years of team presentations into digital files. That is quite the challenge, due to the fact that the videos go back to 1980’s. That’s alot of team presentations over the years.

Indiana Team

Indiana Team

Richie is doing quite well in school. He is also in the band and really enjoys playing the clarinet. He is also planning to go on a trip this summer. He will be heading to Arizona to be on the first ever Native American Boot Camp. The team will be helping set up the new Boot Camp and then aiding in the training of Native Americans to help them go into their villages to witness and proclaim God’s word. If you would like to help us you may use the support form below.

Please continue to pray for us. Cathy is having a lot of trouble with her shoulders and back. We have been to the doctors and are just waiting for the results to be read and see what they plan to do to help.

We thank all of you for your prayers and financial support.

In Christ,

Les and Cathy Bice



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