Lane, Bob & Betty Newsletter (Winter 2016)

 Lane Staff NewsletterDear Family and Friends,

Greetings in the blessed name of Jesus. Betty and I wish you all a happy and healthy 2016.

2015 was a year of ups and downs medically, but thank God, He saw us through.  We trust this year is going to be better.

Update on Betty: Her fall during the year brought two fractures to her vertebrae. She’s had two of three injections to her spine which help some. They last six months to a year. She also has a back brace she wears some of the time.1

December 3rd I slipped and fell in our kitchen and struck the back of my head and ended up with a concussion. Betty had mopped the kitchen floor and I was unaware that it was wet and my feet came right out from under me. I bought Betty four orange traffic cones to put out when she mops the floor. I also bought her a new mop. She now tells me what a great husband I am! Due to the accident, Christmas was scaled down as far as what I could do.

Jan 5th I met with a new spine doctor and found out the bone graft that was done the month before didn’t grow together. Now another surgery will be done the last of January or the first of February. Doctor Keller is a specialist in spine surgery to the neck. Surgery will be done in Melbourne Holmes Regional Hospital which has a special team the doctor works with. He is also a Christian, which Betty and I both like, and he performed 480 neck surgeries last year. My older brother fell and broke his hip this year—our family is just cracking along.

Now for the good 2news.

Betty turns 80 on February 2nd and I turn 85 on March 3rd.  No matter how hard we try, we just can’t help getting older. We thank God, He keeps us going and we can enjoy our 10 great grandchildren. They sure are a blessing.

The best part of 2015! We have three super special favorite granddaughters: Wendy, Bonnie, and Desiree. Betty and I flew to California and traveled fifty miles south of the border into Mexico to a resort on the coast  overlooking the ocean where we spent three days celebrating the wedding of our Wendy and Kevin. Kevin is a doctor and Wendy is a medical nurse practitioner; We have someone to help us with our medical problems. Betty and I had a very relaxing time. First day they had a welcome dinner; the second day was rehearsal day; and the third day was the wedding day and dinner. Wendy was a beautiful bride. She was the last of the three to marry. Wendy and Kevin stood with their backs to the ocean as the sun was setting . It made a beautiful backdrop. Something only God could do. And there were fireworks. The trip was not easy, but we both had our braces —I had my neck brace and a pocket full of pain meds. Thank God we were able to go; we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Everything was so nice and the food was delicious.

The weather in Florida has been nice and warm. I was able to plant one tomato, one green pepper, and some green beans. All are growing well. Betty says it’s the farm boy in me.

16One of our staff families, the Ayers, who have seven children blessed us with a day visit during the holidays. They mowed the lawn, edged and trimmed, and weeded our flower garden. They also wiped down our baseboards and took down our Christmas tree, packed it all in boxes and put them on the shelves. They were a blessing to Betty and me. There is very little I can do now with the concussion and neck pain. But things are going to get better, thank the Lord.

Betty and I plan to stay with Teen Missions. We won’t be able to do as much as we once did, but we are still able to do something.

We’re tired of being cooped u17p. We had a nice Christmas at Desiree, our granddaughter’s home. Wendy and Kevin came for a visit on Dec. 27th. It was nice seeing them again since the wedding in October. They love their Grandpa and Grandma. All three of them are loving and caring granddaughters. Betty and I thank God for them. When they were younger we took them with us on two of our trips.

I’m almost out of paper and news. Thanks to all of you for the love you have shown to Betty and me. It brightens our days. Please pray that my upcoming surgery will be successful and reflect Jesus’ love to others. He loves you!


Bob & Betty Lane

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