Bobb, Shannon & Vikki Newsletter (Winter 2016)

Bobb Staff Newsletter 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   2016, really?  I still find it hard to believe that it is 2016.

The past year has held so many adventures for our family and the coming year is already promising new and exciting opportunities.  

Working on the equipment
Working on the equipment


In October, Shannon went to Cambodia for one month to help with the ministry there.  The former coordinators left staff and Shannon was asked to go and encourage the staff and Bible school students at our base in Siem Reap. He also was asked to try to get electric service to the property and to resolve some land issues at the Teen Missions property in Kampong Chhnang. He had a busy month trying to deal with all the many officials that are associated with the power company and the land office. We are excited to say that just a few weeks after he came home, electricity was fully installed at the property and the land is scheduled to be surveyed. This is such a huge praise! The base there consists of 160 acres of rural farm land that can be used to support our Bible school. The area around it is ripe for ministry with several small villages unreached with the Gospel! We can now expand the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission ministry there and also prepare to move the Bible School to this location.   

The staff and students in Cambodia.
The staff and students in Cambodia.

Shannon’s time in Cambodia was adventurous to say the least. He mastered driving in third-world traffic and learned so much about the culture and history of the country and people. He found our staff there to be faithful, hard-working and dedicated to sharing the Gospel. The ministry is currently being taken care of by a young dedicated Filipina, Nelly Aia.  Hearing of the recent converts they have made and helping to baptize two new believers confirmed a calling that has been placed on the hearts of our family. We have been asked to spend an extended period of time in Cambodia this year. We will travel with a Teen Missions motorcycle team in early July and stay until mid December. The team will return to the States in August and Madison will join us from India where she will be serving this summer. There are so many things to work out before we go. Madison will be junior in high school and Zoe will be starting 7th grade, so there are many things to arrange for their schooling for the first semester of next year. 


The students who graduated in December and are preparing to start their internships.
The students who graduated in December and are preparing to start their internships.

I have kept very busy here in Florida coordinating our Bible school. We started the new year with 21 students. We had two new students begin in January. Seeing eight students finish in December was bitter-sweet. Helping arrange their internships is sometimes over-whelming.   In January, one traveled to India to begin her internship and one started here in Florida. In February, two will begin their internships in Malawi, one will begin in Indiana and in March, one plans to start her internship in South Africa. Two of the finishing students will go with us to Cambodia and spend a year there. Arranging visas, travel arrangements and paperwork all must be completed before they can leave. What a blessing it is to see these young people step out of their comfort zones and follow the Lord’s leading to help with the ministries of Teen Missions around the world! Please pray for these young people as God uses them to share the Gospel and pray for their parents as they let their children go.  

Shannon continues to book and host retreats that come to use our Conference Center as well as maintenance on the property. He has also been busy doing remodeling work on our guest rooms with Canaan’s help. He is busy coordinating our upcoming Mud Run race we are having in May to support our Aids Orphans ministry.

Visiting with the Flora family, former and potential returning staff who moved to Australia. They were in Ohio for the holidays.


We had a wonderful time in Ohio over the Christmas holidays.  We were able to visit nine churches and speak in 12 different services and have such a memorable time reuniting with friends and family. Thank you to everyone who hosted us, shared a meal with us and especially to those who came to our “Thanks for Giving” dinner.  We had dinner with 83 friends and family.  What a huge blessing!  A special thanks to my niece, Whitney, who helped us prepare the meal.  

Touring Show Hope in Franklin, Tennessee, where Taylor works.
Touring Show Hope in Franklin, Tennessee, where Taylor works.

Summer Expenses

Madison needs to raise $4000.00 for her team to India and her travel expenses to fly from India to Cambodia to join us in August.   Zoe needs to raise $2700.00 for her costs to travel with the team to Cambodia.   We are trusting God to provide for these expenses.  We are so thankful for those of you who so generously give for our kids to travel with us and serve on teams.

Prayer requests

Canaan’s Epilepsy: He is going through medicine changes and that is always a tough time with the possibility of breakthrough seizures.

Madison and Zoe as they adjust to online school and living abroad

Preparing our "Thanks for Giving" dinner
Preparing our “Thanks for Giving” dinner

Pray for us as we follow God’s direction as He leads us wherever it may be.

Pray for  increased finances needed as we prepare to travel and live abroad

Pray for the ministry of Teen Missions worldwide

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