Frey, Josiah & Bethany Newsletter (Winter 2016)

Frey2Dear Friends and Family,

Bethany with Lydia, Gabriella and Hadassah
Bethany with Lydia, Gabriella, and Hadassah

Bethany and I are back in sunny Malawi! It was wonderful to spend Christmas in the USA. We had not been together as a family since 2013. It was a great time with my four siblings—drinking hot cocoa, going to see Christmas lights and laughing together just like when we were little kids. My sister Lydia had just come home from a year in South Africa and having us all under one roof was amazing. Bethany got to see five of her eight siblings. The rest we could not see due to them living far away, but being able to Skype brought everyone together on Christmas!

Frey Kids together
Frey Kids Together

We would like to take a moment and just share a little of what we have been feeling. Many people wonder if we enjoy living in Africa. Do we like living on the other side of the world? And the answer is, we don’t always enjoy living 9,000 miles away from our family. It is difficult living in a part of the world that struggles with having basic things like water and power; where we have to travel two hours to buy our groceries, only to find out they don’t have what we need to buy. Many people think that Bethany and I are “super Christians.” That, by being missionaries in Africa, we don’t struggle and we have amazing faith, but that is not true at all. We struggle in our walk with the Lord just as much as any other believer. Many people have said to us that they don’t have our kind of faith. Well, the truth is, we struggle just the same. We came back to Malawi because we are being obedient to the Lord, and we know it is the Lord who gives us the daily strength to be faithful to our calling.  

We want to thank you for praying for us. We could not stay in Malawi without all of YOU praying for us; praying that God gives us the strength to be obedient to His will. Together we are a team serving the Lord in Malawi. Bethany and I, over the last year, have seen how our sending team is so very important to us having the strength to stay on the field.

January brings the heavy rains turning Malawi into a beautiful green country. It also means the hunger season has started. This means last year’s crops have all been used and this year’s crops are not ready to harvest. Malawi is facing a dark year ahead. We did not have a good crop and many people have already started to skip meals to help their families. Teen Missions had a Mud Run last year which raised a lot of money for our AIDS Orphans and Street Children Rescue Units.  Because of that, we have been able to buy maize flour (corn) to help feed kids after school who might have gone to school hungry and have gone home hungry. Not only are we feeding them physically, but we are also feeding them spiritually by sharing the power of the Gospel.

The four Bible schools are in full swing with over 70 students. The students are busy in the fields and on the weekends doing different ministry. The Rescue Units are in the middle of growing time. All of them are growing maize. Orphans and kids from the village will come to the unit to learn about growing a good field of maize. Our units, of course, are also making sure that the community’s basic medical needs are met.


Now I would like to close with the story of Omar. Omar comes from a Muslim family in Mangochi and heard about Christ through some of the interns in Mangochi. Omar came to know the Lord last year and now has a passion to serve Him. He wanted to go to Bible School, but our school in Mangochi was too close to his family. For a Muslim man to turn away and follow Christ is not simple in Mangochi. His family is not happy that he is now a Christian. Omar was able to attend our Bible School in the northern part of Malawi in Rumphi. Please pray for this young man as he starts his journey learning about and serving the Lord. He is very excited to be able to attend a free Bible School to learn God’s Word.

Thank You for standing with us in prayer and support in 2015!! Because of your continued support, people like Omar have found the truth in Jesus Christ. While it might be hard and, at times, we want to give up we know that God has chosen us to serve Him in Malawi. He went to the cross for us, so how can we say no to serving in Malawi. We are thankful for the year we had in 2015 and all that God did and look forward to what Christ will do in 2016! Thank you for taking this journey of faith with us to the other side of the world.

Serving Christ Together,

Josiah and Bethany Frey

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