Smith, Loretta Newsletter (Winter 2016)

SmithL Staff Newsletter

A Happy and Blessed 2016! Here’s to all my supporters, friends, and family. May He fill your New Year with all kinds of good things like, health, adequate finances, love and laughter…of course the greatest of these is LOVE! As God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten Son…JESUS!

As a team we saw lots of answered prayer. I asked you to pray for a sister’s daughter to be released from jail, and she is home now. We prayed for numerous healings for others and lots of good news has been coming in from those we prayed for. Also my health was right on for the year…bug bites excluded!! One wonders why God created some bugs that seem to only torture us…the bottom line is that He does answer prayer…remember “Ask and you shall receive”. He is faithful.

        IMG_0299                   IMG_0199                     IMG_0322

Here’s what’s been going on in my life. It has been a whirlwind for about a year, being at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia, then back to Florida base, off to California for a quick graduation party, then picked up my St. Lucia Island team of 16, back to base for our Debrief, and a week later off to Madagascar. I was there for three months, mostly at our northern base in Mahajanga. Attached you’ll see pictures of my home there, family, garden, and of course the chickens we raised, killed and ate (that was the best part). I got to teach classes on Prophecy, and then Pneumatology, or ‘On the Holy Spirit’ (I really liked this class). A call from Mr. Bland, our TMI director, asked if I’d come home to go on an emergency run to Belize, I said “yes”, and you’re probably thinking  “what’s up with all this?”. Missions need help. We are told to pray to the Lord of the harvest that He would thrust out more laborers into the fields…friends the fields are ripe for the harvest, there’s just not enough believers willing to go…Can you come and spend some time in the fields? You are needed now! Just give Teen Missions a call, someone will direct you to a field.

IMG_0167Well the Belize base was closed before I had flown to the USA, and now IMG_0315I’m in Florida at the base working on our garden, preparing to do planting for our summer camp, and to help our Bible school students to learn to do their own gardens for the school. This is a requirement to pass their classes. I love working with the young people, not all are eager to work outside, but it is a must. I’m still working on baling clothes for our ministries overseas. I have 60 bales of about 400 lbs each, ready to put in containers, to be shipped soon we hope.

Now for the next plans for this summer: I’m scheduled to lead a Preteen team to Ecuador (ages 10-13). It will be a work/evangelism team and we’ll be based on our newest base, close to the coast. We are moving our existing base down from its 10,000’ elevation to sea level and a warmer climate.

P1020229My mother, Gwen, was 93 this Christmas and she is doing great for her age. She dresses herself, and walks with a cane, goes down the elevator to the dining room and was seen in the recreation hall enjoying the 50’s music. She and I watched the Rose Parade on New Years Day; she kept asking if she was in this film, “No momma this is happening today, now! She has ridden (as an equestrian) in the parade on two occasions and was heavily involved in the pre-work of some of the floats for years. She did remember those days. Thank you for the prayers and cards that some of you send her, she so enjoys hearing from you. Hospice was called-in to help mom in the early part of 2015, but your prayers brought her through and she is off hospice. A picture of her is to the right.

Enjoy the pictures, hope you get the idea of what I was doing in Madagascar.

Lord have your way is my prayer for the year, wherever, whenever to whomever, He has a plan for each of us. Are you working His Plan for you? Hope so, because it’s always a journey you’ll never forget.

A Blessing: II Thessalonians 3:16

Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way.

The Lord be with you all.

IMG_0218Love and thank you all.

Your sister in Christ Jesus,

Loretta Smith

Prayer Requests:

1. Health to do the work He has for me to do.

2. Watch over mom and those who help her.

3. Praise for the finances that keeps our team in the harvest fields.

4. Open doors to evangelism, witnessing, praying for others needs.

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