Buaya, Tia Newsletter (Winter 2016)

Untitled-1Happy New Year to all my family, friends and sponsors!

Philippians 4:4 – Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! My favorite verse in the Bible when I face hard times, loneliness and homesickness. However, God allows it to happen so that may I depend on Him only and spend time building my relationship in Him, because the joy of the Lord is my strength. Time passes quickly, turns into months and the months turn into years. God has been good to me as I am just surprised this is the third year being in Teen Missions South Africa (TMSA) as a staff.

Our Kitchen crew: Kea, Nonhlanhla, Tia and Baby
Our Kitchen crew: Kea, Nonhlanhla, Tia and Baby

During Boot Camp (BC) at the base it was amazing to see the teenagers dedicating their live to serve God and who are willing to surrender their lives to be a better person. I was a volunteer: taught classes, music and also worked in the kitchen. I’m amazed to see what God can do through those kids when they allow God to use their lives.

There was an amazing time when I was counseling one of the team members. She just 17 years old, lives in orphanage, uses drugs, is an alcoholic and smoker and slept with many of her boyfriends. She faces a lot of problems and complicated situations where she’s living. With tears and a broken heart, she came to Jesus and asked for forgiveness. She confessed her sins and received Jesus as her personal Savior and she wants to have a new life. I told her about the love of God and then I prayed for her. I encouraged her. None in the world can judge and measure our life—only God can. God accepts us the way we are, no

Boot Camp 2015
Boot Camp 2015

matter what we’ve done, no matter how we’ve fallen. He has removed our shame now we are covered by His Grace which He accomplished on the cross of Calvary. Her story really touched me and many kids came to Boot Camp (BC) with different problems and different backgrounds. We thank God we had four teams this year, 12 leaders, 86 members, 19 volunteers, and were blessed as we worked together.

Tia and Emily, my partner to teach MSSM
Tia and Emily, my partner to teach MSSM

Besides the BC program, we also are running MSSM. Emily and I teach MSSM at Pyramid. Usually in Christmas season the number of the kids is up and down and sometimes only five to eight children attend. In the holiday season the children want to spend time with their families. We thank God the children are learning Bible lessons and phonics. Another thing is the children used to like fighting, say bad words and beating each other. After we prayed hard, they’re no longer fighting and we can see the hand of God work in those kids. When they see us from far away they’re happy and run to us. Emily and I have so much fun with those kids. The kids really enjoying Emily, because Emily loves singing, dancing, smiling and laughing. We try our best to explain the Bible lesson, with actions and body language. It is really fun! We believe and have faith that the Word of God will not turn back but it will grow in the hearts of those who are listening.

God is faithful to my family. My mom is doing better. My brothers and sisters gathered together to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s in my home.

I welcome your prayers for wisdom, strength and also for my finances. I appreciate your sponsorship as I am doing ministry at TMSA. I pray that may God bless you abundantly.

Pray requests:

1. For my mom, may God’s favor be upon her life with strength and long life.

2. May God send rain in South Africa as people are suffering to find water.


Tia Buaya

Psalm 28:7


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