Myers, Anthony & Shawna Newsletter (Winter 2016)

Myers Staff NewsletterDear Friends and Family,

Time…What is time? Where does the time go? Why do we feel like we can’t get everything done in the time we have? Well, maybe we’re trying to pack too much into the little time we have. The question is “Are we using our time wisely?” Would God approve of how we are spending the precious time He gives us? Remember He can take that time away whenever He wants to. Is there something you know God wants you to do and you’re not doing it? If we put God’s list first, then we will have time for our list!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas to end 2015. It was a blessing to spend ours in PA on the farm, even though it was one of the warmest Christmas Days on record there—it was at least cooler than Florida! We always enjoy the family time we get because you never know when it will be gone.

Jessica has been doing great with YWAM. Shawna and I were able to drive her out to Tyler, TX at the end of September; and we were able to visit some friends and supporters along the way. Jessie has really been growing in the Lord through her studies and is now on the practical part of her involvement. She flew up from Tyler, TX to spend eight days with us over Christmas. The kids just picked up where they left off joking, teasing and laughing with each other. It was fun to see again. She is having a blast, making new friends, growing in the Lord and seeing God work in her life. Her YWAM DTS team will tour the north eastern United States starting in Washington, DC and ending in Nashville, then returning to graduate at the YWAM base in Tyler, the middle of February.  

102_0400Growing up in PA and being a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I never went to see a live game in Philadelphia. It was a blessing to be able to do that this time. Brandon, Darin, Dad and I went to watch them play the Washington Redskins, one of the biggest games of the season. The atmosphere was incredible, being around all those Eagle fans! Even though they lost, it was still an unforgettable experience. The boys are diehard Eagle fans so it was something they will never forget. Before the game, we went to see the “Rocky” statue and the steps he runs up on in the movies. Darin is a big Rocky fan! We also saw the Liberty Bell, which brings to life the history of our nation. It was a fun trip.

102_0341It was great to touch base with some of our support team, but unfortunately we couldn’t see everyone. We appreciate all your cards and letters we received and pray God will bless each one of you and your families this New Year. You are the reason we are able to serve the Lord here at Teen Missions.

November 4th was the day of my second rotator cuff surgery, this time on my right shoulder. The recovery is going well. I’m in physical therapy now getting my range and strength back. It could take up to six to eight months to be back to normal. Praise the Lord for doctors who know what to do.

DSC08685Two weeks after my surgery, a work group from my home church Air Hill BIC Church, came to Teen Missions for one week to remodel the bathrooms in our Print Shop building. They did an awesome job, working long and hard. They took a big bite out of completing the job. We have a few more items to complete before they’re finished.

102_0271A big milestone for Brandon was when he graduated from Eastern Florida State College on December 17 with his AA (Associate of Arts) Degree. We are proud that he made it through the first part of his schooling. He is now trying to decide the direction God is calling him to. He is taking the next semester off, getting a job and searching out colleges. Please pray for Brandon during this time that he would find God’s will for this next step in his life.

102_0433Along these same lines, after Jessica finishes her DTS with YWAM in February, she feels God is calling her back to YWAM for their School of Evangelism (SOE). This is the second part of what used to be a one-year program. The SOE will help her learn more leadership skills, putting together Bible Studies, and getting in front of people, all which will help her if she decides to go into some kind of future ministry and lay down a good foundation for her life. Please pray for her as she raises the needed funds for the SOE. Let us know if you would like to help out in this way.

Darin is in flag football now and then he will start 8 on 8 tackle in February. He is enjoying school and excelling in his academics.

Last year’s mud run went really well with over 350 people attending the first year! We have had many people ask when the next one is. So on May 7, 2016 we will have our second annual AIDS Orphans Mud Run. It will have some new obstacles this year. You can get more information on

Shawna and I are scheduled to be summer staff this summer. We will be having one big Boot Camp which should be easier on the staff, having to do many things only one time! We are excited about the opportunities that are before us.

We pray for a good year for all of you and appreciate your prayers as we continue to serve here at Teen Missions. We look forward to visits from family and friends this Spring. If you are in the area, please drop in to see us and what the Lord is doing here at Teen Missions.

Prayer Requests:

1. Jessie and her ministry with YWAM

2. Wisdom for Brandon’s future schooling

3. Safety for Darin as he plays sports

4. Quality quiet times for all of us; growth in the Lord.

5. Our support team to be blessed


1. Safety through the miles of traveling during the holidays.

2. Good health this past year.

3. The Lord’s provision in all ways.

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