Yost, Bob & Paula Newsletter (Winter 2016)

Yost Staff NewsletterDear Family and Friends,

We trust that you enjoyed family and friends as we celebrated the birth of His Son recently. It is always such a busy time of the year with parties and programs that sometimes I think we lose sight of the true reason for the season. This year (and last!) Bob and I kept busy with a few Christmas parties, the local Christmas parade and of course, Bob sang in several different concerts. The first week or so of December was filled with either rehearsals or concerts for Bob—he loved it. Once again Bob had a part in our local church’s Christmas Eve celebration—he played in the bell choir and also sang “O Holy Night.” As usual, he did a wonderful job on the song. For the last several years, Teen Missions has entered a couple of the local Christmas parades. Since we live only a block from the parade route, we usually walk down to watch it.

IMG_1575                            IMG_1576

Teen Missions float in the Merritt Island Christmas parade.

Over the holidays we had a lot to keep us busy—a night to do security on the Teen Missions property, as well as several church activities. Our local church is involved in a program called Family Promise that helps families who are homeless find jobs and housing. We participated by spending two nights at the church and provided two of the meals. We enjoyed getting to know the families involved and were able to celebrate with them when one of the moms found a job.

Bob also volunteered at a local food ministry (House of Hope) on the Mondays we were off and helped with food distribution for local needy families. Over 900 families received a box of food each of the days he worked. His help was appreciated as several of the regular volunteers were not there over the holidays. We managed to get a few of our home projects done as well in the time we were off, although we still have plenty of projects left to work on.

Our 2016 Malawi Preteen Team will be planting trees like this one
Our 2016 Malawi Preteen Team will be planting trees like this one

Time has not slowed down as we have resumed our regular responsibilities at Teen Missions. Bob is working on assembling the literature needed by the American summer teams and all the Overseas Boot Camps. He also oversees the Tent Room, where all the tents that are taken overseas by the teams are gone through to make sure they have all the parts. If possible, he and a few volunteers try to get to the ones used at Boot Camp also. Of course if you are missing a vital piece such as a tent pole at Boot Camp, you can always go to the Tent Room to get the missing piece or a new tent. It’s not so easy when you are in another country!

I manage to keep busy in the Finance Department. January is particularly busy for me as I need to get accounts balanced and all the information ready for the mortgage interest statements for all the loans that I process. There is always something to do or something to file! Lately I’ve been trying to clean up my email files and make sure that I have printed copies filed and documents saved in a more permanent place. The theory is that if I spend those odd bits of time when there isn’t enough time to start another project on sorting through emails that it will become more manageable. I’m trying to do it at home, also, but not getting very far very fast. But we keep trying. After spending a lot of time and effort to go through everything at my parent’s house before putting it up for sale, I am a lot more conscious of everything we have cluttering our lives at home, as well as at work. It’s not easy, but baby steps are being made!

Our 2016 team will enjoy playing with children at the nearby Rescue Unit
Our 2016 team will enjoy playing with children at the nearby Rescue Unit

This next summer will be a bit different as Teen Missions is doing one large Boot Camp instead of splitting the teen teams into two Boot Camps. There will be a lot more overlapping of things with all the ages here at the same time. When I first came in 1990, we had just one large Boot Camp for the teens and the Preteens had their own Boot Camp after the teen Boot Camp was over. The younger age groups (Peanuts and Mustard Seeds) weren’t started until later. While it will be nice not to have a month of Boot Camp, it will be interesting to see how we will manage to get everything done in a shorter amount of time.

Bob and I are looking forward to renewing friendships with some of the Malawi staff -- Miscious and Stella pictured here with us.
Bob and I are looking forward to renewing friendships with some of the Malawi staff — Miscious and Stella pictured here with us.

This next summer Bob and I are once again leading a preteen team to Malawi. We are looking forward to seeing our Malawi friends again and spending more time in the “warm heart of Africa.” Our project will be to plant more trees and to build a playground for the staff kids on the main base. Please pray with us for the kids on our team that they would be open to the leading of the Lord and would grow in Him, develop a love and concern for the people of Malawi and for team unity.

We wish for a healthy and prosperous New Year for all of you and thank you for your prayers and support you have given us over the years as we serve the Lord here at Teen Missions.

Servants in Christ,

Bob and Paula Yost

955 Butia St.

Merritt Island, FL 32953

[email protected]

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