Bland, Bob & Bernie Newsletter (Winter 2016)

Bland Staff NewsletterDear Family and Friends,

Please continue to pray for Bernie’s health. She isn’t a lot better, but isn’t a lot worse. She wears out easily and has medications for the pain in her back and legs. She has been slowly mending from a heart attack a few months back; therefore, we haven’t been leaving her home alone. The TMI board agreed to let me work at home in the mornings while Josh, our grandson who lives with us, sleeps. He works nights on financial investments on the computer. He goes to bed about 5 a.m. and gets up at noon. I go to work at the office 1-5 p.m. and work at home 8 a.m.-noon. Actually, it has worked well. I get more done at home than if I was at the office—no interruptions, PTL! We also moved Chapel to 1 p.m. so I get to be a part of that.


Teen Missions will run a Boot Camp for Indian teens at the Western Indian Mission located in Window Rock, Arizona, the headquarters of the Navajo Nation, which covers ¼ of Arizona. Other tribes are invited as well. I went out and made the agreement a year ago. An adult group led by Steve Petersen will set it up in April. We have two Navajo students in our Bible School now and hope to have more this fall after the summer Boot Camp there. Pray for this new Boot Camp and possible Motorcycle Sunday School ministry there in the future. Any adult workers who might like to go for two weeks in April can contact the office about details. Adults only, no teens. We do have a teen team going this summer. It is listed in our brochure and on our website.


Volunteers are also needed for the Lord’s Boot Camp in Florida June 18-July 3. Since we are running all four camps at the same time, more help is needed. We are also looking for adult leaders for teams. Contact TMI at 321-453-0350 if you are interested in details.


TMI is starting a free, intensified Pastor Training Course to help fill the gap of small churches who cannot find a pastor. Adult men and women will come to TMI Florida in January of 2017 for a month of intensified Bible training. We will be looking for small churches who need a pastor. They will pastor there the next 11 months and come to Florida each January for training the next two years. Additional training will be done by internet while serving the local church. Rev. Howard Vanderpool will head this up. Howard was a veteran Villages Missions pastor and has lots of experience. There will be no cost for the training. Housing will be free as available (except utilities), and meals would be provided. The idea is to train missionary-minded pastors for small churches so they don’t close. It is a three-year program of one month (January) in Florida and 11 months as a pastor.


A church or an individual can sponsor and name a Sunday School for $79 a month. A banner will be printed with a picture of the Sunday School to give to the sponsoring church or wherever chosen by the person or group that is sponsoring the Sunday School or as a memorial in honor of someone. Contact Pat Storey at 321-453-0350 for more information. MSSM is now running in 188 Sunday Schools overseas. We hope to have 300 by year’s end.


There will be four Old Testament Tabernacles set up, Lord willing, this summer sharing Christ as HE is represented in the Tabernacle. They will be at the following locations:

1. Florida TMI base in Merritt Island, FL open all year round, 9-5.

2. Triple T ministry in Evansville, IN, open May 15-Oct. 15.

3. Shady Shores, TX Baptist Church between Dallas and Ft. Worth, open May 15-Oct. 15.

4. TMI South Africa near the capital, Pretoria, open June-Oct. (This is a new one.)


TMI is building an airplane. It seats 40 and is primarily for the Mustard Seed Camp. The life-size missions plane will take Mustard Seeds (4-6 year olds) on imaginary mission flights. It will also be used by the older groups. Howard Vanderpool and Jim Paisley (Howard’s son-in-law) are building the plane.


TMI ran a Boot Camp in Burma (Myanmar) this year. Our staffer Elwin Parimtha is working on getting a BMW, as well as Motorcycle Sunday School Missions, started in Burma. It is not without opposition, so please pray for those to happen.


TMI is taking over an RV Park in Cocoa at I-95 and State Route 520. It has a swimming pool and clubhouse. We expect to take possession in March or April and it will be available for volunteers and others who want to stay there.  We hope to make the park available for volunteers.  


Last year’s Mud Run provided some extra money for AIDS Orphans overseas. We divided it up among the bases for food or medicine. In a report from Malawi today, the MSSM people said there was no food in the village due to the drought and people have not eaten for days. TMI is purchasing some maize with the Mud Run money and taking it out to the village that has starving children. PTL! Our next Mud Run is to be on TMI’s 46th anniversary, May 7. Visit our website at to see how you can be involved.  


Steve Petersen will be leading an adult group to Malawi in February to drill a well at our Rumphi base up north. We have 20+ students there and no water. It has to be carried in. Pray that we can get a well operational with our rig. Boot Camps are coming and they need water for them.


I received a call from Steve Carter of Answers in Genesis. He will visit TMI on Feb. 29 and give an update on the construction of the life-size ARK that is being built on 800 acres about 40 miles south of Cincinnati in Kentucky. It is expected to be open this summer. It would be worth the trip to plan to visit it and the Creation Museum just over the river from Cincy, Ohio. Steve has had four of his sons on TMI teams. This $65 million project is expected to bring in millions of people who will be presented with the Gospel. Please pray for the successful completion of this project.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Bob and Bernie


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