Mwape, Saba & Ethel Newsletter (Winter 2016)


Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings to the saints in the name above every name, Jesus Christ.

Tanzania BMW Students

Tanzania BMW Students

We are hoping that you are doing fine and that the good Lord is taking good care of your lives. Here in Tanzania we are doing well.  God is so faithful. Talking about ministry—He is on the throne and everything is going well. We are running a Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center and I’m coordinating the base. We have seven students and two interns who studied at the Uganda BMW. Our students go out every Saturday for evangelism. They also go on Wednesdays to various government and private schools to do ministry.

Sunday School Ministry

Sunday School Ministry

My wife Ethel has double ministry. We have what we call mini Sunday school with the kids from the nearby villages. Attendance is up and down due to lack of teaching materials.  She also teaches in BMW.  Ethel just started sewing ministry with the women around our property and she takes care of our three kids.                        

Besides this, we run the Boot Camps every year at the base. This year we are hoping to have four teams in December. Both my wife and I will be involved in teaching and preaching.

Tanzania Boot Camp

Tanzania Boot Camp

To our friends and family, we would like to thank you for your spiritual, material and financial support you always render to us and the ministry here in Tanzania. We really appreciate you.

There is a cost to serving the Lord. Because of me being a foreigner, in November I was locked up by a Muslim immigration officer saying that I cannot come from Zambia to come and preach and teach in Tanzania as though there are no preachers in the country and that I was talking to him in English. He added that I came in the name of Teen Missions Tanzania and now I’m working with a different ministry which is Teen Missions International in Tanzania. This offended him such that he ordered his juniors to take me to the police. I spent one night and the following day I was out like Paul and Silas.  He ordered me not to teach in English, but in Kiswahili.

IMG_5437                              IMG_5452

We thank God for what is happening in Tanzania. Many are knowing about Teen Missions, and a lot of people in churches have started to recognize our ministry as a ministry that can change the young ones in the communities.

Dear friends, if you feel God is speaking to you to support my family’s ministry here, you can use the coupon below to indicate your level of involvement.

Thank you, and may God richly bless you,

Saba, Ethel, Bukata, Alumbwe and Kukengah Mwape

Tanzania Base Coordinators


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