Alia, Nelly Newsletter (Winter 2016)

NellyDear Fellow Believers in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Cambodia!

Please allow me to share to you the faithfulness of God in my life as I continue serving Him under the ministry of Teen Missions Int’l in Cambodia. And may our great God be glorified.

current BMW students & staff

Current Cambodia Staff & Students

It has been six years now that I’m working as a full time staff in this ministry. God has been faithful in sustaining me and providing all my needs so I can serve Him well.  He has given me the gift of good health and strength and knowledge and wisdom in doing the ministry. He has also given me the ability to understand the culture and language, which at first was hard to comprehend but later on the more I pursue in learning the more it gives me courage and confidence in living in this foreign land. God’s protection is always there; even when I fall down from driving the motorbike, but miraculously God spared my life from harm. God’s abundant grace is sufficient for me!

BMW Graduation & Comissioning Service

BMW Graduation

It’s so great seeing people’s lives being changed and transformed into the likeness of God. Last 2012, we started our Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center and praise God all of the six students were able to graduate. Some of them were joining as staff of TMIC while the others are doing ministry in other Christian organizations. I had the privilege of teaching them in every term from the beginning until now. Recently, I was teaching the book of Revelation and Daniel to the nine BMW students and also teaching English. I’m so blessed to be a part of what God has been doing in their lives and having them in my life gives me joy in serving Him knowing that I once was like them too. I can relate to their struggles, sometimes having many assignments and studying hard when exams are coming.

BMW Commisioning Service

BMW Commissioning Service

Brother Peach, one of the current BMW students, was grateful to God that He has called him to study BMW. His knowledge about God increased. God has changed his life from doing wicked things such as drinking, smoking, gambling and stealing. He was once leading the other young people in their village in doing bad things. But one day when he received God’s grace into his life after a motorbike accident, he decided to follow Christ and obey His commands. He was happy in doing ministry, teaching the children in the village while studying. He is now praying for his other friends, encouraging them to study BMW also.

MSSM Sunday School Ministry

MSSM Sunday School Ministry

I had the chance to serve God through Motorcycle Sunday School Missions (MSSM) also for more than a year. My partner Sreymom, one of the Khmer staff who just finished BMW, and I were going to six different villages from Wednesday to Sunday driving the motorbike, teaching mostly to the children and young people about English Phonics and about God’s love through His Word. We made good friends with them and ministered to them in many ways. Many of them have come to know the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

BMW Student Baptism

BMW Student Baptism

At first they didn’t know anything about Him. Many of them accepted Jesus Christ in their hearts and were faithful in attending Sunday School each week until now. Earlier this year, four young people decided to have a water baptism and so we baptized them and two of them were able to join the Boot Camp last summer.

It was a wonderful experience also to lead the evangelism team at this year’s Boot Camp. Most of my members were from the orphanage and it was their first time to join the Boot Camp. We went to the other province and walked everyday sharing His Word, performing puppets, singing action songs and performing dramas. Many children were laughing and some were afraid while watching the puppets because they have never seen puppets before. Some people believed, some didn’t, but the team enjoyed having good fellowship with the two churches who hosted us. Traa Heang, a 14 year-old former team member, shared his desire to become a staff of TMIC. Please pray for him.

Boot Camp Completion Certificates

Boot Camp Completion Certificates

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray for more people who will work faithfully with TMIC.

2. Pray for knowledge and wisdom in doing the ministry.

3. Pray for perseverance and willingness to learn for the BMW students.

4. Pray for the current three BMW volunteer teachers, to have wisdom, strength and patience in teaching the BMW.

5. Pray that God would use us mightily in reaching out to the unreached people here in Cambodia.

May our good Lord Jesus Christ continually pour out His bountiful blessings upon us who serve Him faithfully.

In Christ,

Nelly D. Alia

Serving God with TMIC

Ps. 68:19


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