Myers, Anthony & Shawna Newsletter (Spring 2016)

Myers Staff NewsletterGreetings!

DSCN0125What a busy time we have had over the past few months. Our house has had a revolving door with family and friends visiting, but it has been such a blessing to be able to share what the Lord is doing in our lives and through the ministry of Teen Missions.

Anthony’s parents were able to come down for a week in March. The day after they left, Shawna’s twin brother, Stephen, and his wife Gloria, as well as Shawna’s niece Kristin and her husband Micah came down for about 10 days. It was during Spring Break, so Shawna and the kids were off. During that time, Shawna’s older brother, Len and his wife, Teresa came with their daughter Samantha and granddaughter Kylie. It was the first time we met Micah and Kylie! We were able to go out and celebrate our 24th anniversary on March 28, so that was special. We enjoyed time together at the beach before Jessie returned to Texas.

Jessie has been enjoying her time with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). She completed the Discipleship Training School this Spring and is now doing the second phase which is the School of Evangelism. She recently found out that her outreach will be in Greece and Kosovo ministering to refugees this summer. She is so excited as she has always wanted to go to Greece! The Lord knew the desire of her heart. It has been exciting to see the growth in her life. We want to thank everyone who has helped to provide for her to be a part of this journey. She still has a little more to raise since she will be going to Greece. If you would like to help, please contact us. We appreciate your continued prayers as she continues school and prepares for her outreach. Jessie is planning to go back to Eastern Florida State College in August to complete her second year of college. She took a year off to do YWAM.

MI Now MagazineBrandon is doing odd jobs and still seeking the Lord as to what he is to do for the future. He is very interested in something in the sports field. We know the Lord will reveal it in His timing. He was on the cover of one of our local magazines promoting the Mud Run which will be May 7 to raise money for AIDS Orphans.

Darin is doing well in school. He has maintained a 4.0 this year and has kept busy with football. We recently attended an awards banquet for the 2015-16 Pop Warner Scholars who received 96% or above academically. So we are proud of his achievement.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Boot Camp! We plan to have all five Big Tops up ready for training young people here at the US Boot Camp by the end of May. The first Boot Camp starts with leaders coming in on June 13, and the last teams returning home on August 13. This will include four Boot Camps, 3 Peanut teams, 3 Preteen teams, and 20 teen teams involving over 600 young people and leaders. Pray for traveling safety, wisdom for the leaders, spiritual growth, and that they will be a witness to the Lord Jesus Christ wherever they go and to whomever they meet. We are looking forward to Anthony’s parents coming to volunteer at Boot Camp this summer. We are also scheduled to oversee the Peanut program this year. Gay Petersen has done it for a number of years and will be going to Arizona to run our first Indian Nation Boot Camp there, so she will not be here. Pray for preparations and wisdom as this an exciting adventure that will be new for us!

100_7807During the first week of May, Anthony and Brandon will be going to Shady Shores, TX to help put up our Tabernacle replica that will be there until October. It is only about two hours from where Jessie is with YWAM so we hope they can connect in some way.

Where would the teams overseas be, if there was no office to keep things going?! We have the responsibility of staying home to help run the office this summer. Staying in the office during the summer is a challenge as there are over 25 teams to be responsible for! Many decisions come out of this office that need the Lord’s wisdom, even in the summer, while the teams are on their projects stateside and overseas! It is encouraging to receive firsthand the reports from the teams. Anthony will be the Debrief leader for the three Debriefs between July 24 and August 13. He will also be in charge of the outside work for the few who are left here. I will be helping in the office with the many responsibilities there as well as overseeing the cooking for Debriefs. After being here every other summer, we see the great need and responsibility in being available to teams and parents during the summer.

Special Prayer Request: Please pray for our director, Bob Bland and his wife Bernie as she had a stroke and is still not able to move her right side or speak. She is home now.

102_0538We will have a few weeks off at the end of August and beginning of September. The kids will be back in school by then, and we will have 2017 teams set up as we start the cycle again!

Lord bless you in the coming months. We appreciate your prayers and encouragement in many ways, allowing us to serve here.

In His Service,

Anthony, Shawna, Brandon, Jessica and Darin
[email protected]

Summer Dates to remember to pray for:

  • Leaders arrive June 13
  • Teens Boot Camp June 18-July 3
  • Peanuts Boot Camp June 18-25
  • Mustard Seeds Camp June 22-25
  • Preteen Boot Camp June 22-July 3
  • Preteen Debrief July 24-28
  • 1st Teen Debrief August 1-6
  • 2nd Teen Debrief August 8-13

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