Chale, Dave & Janet Newsletter (Spring 2016)

Chale Staff NewsletterOne thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.

Psalm 27:4

Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings from the Warm Heart of Africa.

IMG_3044We are writing from Mangochi base here in Malawi. We are filled up with joy and excitement because of the approval that we got from our International Director to start a new Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) bike circuit of eight locations in the area of Katema. Praise God because of a lot of funds were donated to purchase the land and build the barbed fence and the housing for the circuit riders, as well as a small storeroom.

Over the past two weeks (March 20 – April 02), I led a group of 17 students to build the house and the fence. We are full of joy today that the house is built and ready to accommodate the circuit riders. Former Chiyao BMW graduates are already out in the village finalizing the work on the fence. This coming Saturday we are planning to bring all the staff and the students plus our partners in ministry to the center location for house and ministry dedication. At the same time we will be bringing the four bikes to the Circuit Riders. Praise God for the BMW students who worked very hard, at times in odd hours. They were very motivated and committed to the work throughout the two weeks of hard work.

We shared about the Katema area that it is one of the areas that is needy. It is an area with almost 95% of its villagers are Muslims. Our MSSM ministry will be reaching eight villages (locations). Our Circuit Riders will be based at the center of all these locations. They will be biking not more than 5 km to the villages for teaching Sunday school lessons. During our upcoming Boot Camp in the months of July and August we will send a team of teenagers to evangelize in all locations that our Circuit Riders will be teaching Sunday school lessons.


We are in the middle of making our preparations for Boot Camp. We will be having six teams again this year. Our Boot Camp will have kids who are top quizzers from our Mangochi base MSSM ministry which has 20 locations. We will also be getting kids from different churches across the southern region districts. We are expecting a total of 138 people in the entire Boot Camp. This month our staff will be going out for recruitment and set up. We are requesting for more prayers as the staff will be traveling into different churches to speak about Boot Camp and make arrangements with churches to host teams.


Our students are continuing carrying out their usual ministries. In their door-to-door ministry they have been reaching villages of Chipereka, Dimu and Pagona. It is more like a follow-up ministry. They have gone to these villages with the Gospel many times before. We feel like it is important this time to follow up some people who accepted Christ, including those who were interested in learning the Gospel.

The students have also been doing film evangelism every Saturday evening. We reached the villages of Mdoka, Chipereka, Chimbende, Mdalamakumba, Chikwatu and Machemba. This term, we are planning to stretch out in some villages that we have not reached yet. These students are also continuing with the MSSM half-circuit ministry in three locations of Chikomwe, Chipereka and Chimbende.


Malawi has been experiencing hunger since last year when many parts of Malawi were hit by floods. As a result, the harvest was very low in many areas. Our government failed to plan very well and the donor countries pulled out support in protest against government mismanagement of funds. The grain market therefore had no food to sell to the people affected by the hunger. Many Malawians have been spending days in the grain markets to get the commodity, but there was nothing. It was unfortunate that some people have lost their lives because of hunger.

This year Malawi has also been hit by drought—many parts of Malawi experienced prolonged dry spells. Crops dried up because of the heat and lack of water; our annual harvest is likely to drop by 50%. Seven to eight million people will have no food this year, if the government fails to plan well again this year. We are likely to lose many people from hunger. We are humbly appealing for prayers and food assistance.


IMG_20160213_125743We were privileged to receive a considerable amount of bags of grain from our office to be given to our kids and families that we teach in our Sunday school locations and Rescue Units. Each person got 5 kgs (11 lbs) of maize flour and we were able to feed 339 kids, who came from different families. We are also thankful because of the people that donated those funds to feed the hunger-stricken people here in Malawi. When these kids received the 5kgs of flour they were so thankful and their faces were filled with joy.


He is continuing doing very good in his classes—he is in grade seven and this term he will be writing his final exams to go into grade eight. In the eighth term he will sit for primary school leaving certificate examinations. If he is going to pass very well, he will be selected to start his secondary school in one of government or mission-funded schools. Last term he struggled with acid in his stomach and did not attend classes for two weeks. I took him to the doctor and he was treated very well—he is doing very well now.

We made an appeal for his school fees last term. We stand here today to appreciate a couple that we come to know in 2007—they donated money to help Michael stay in school. You brought a lot of relief in our hearts, may God bless you abundantly.

Finally, we want to thank all of you for being there for us in prayers and financial support. We are continuing to meet our daily needs because of you, our dear supporters. We are praying for more blessings upon you.


1) Progress on the Chiyao BMW construction.

2) Growth of the Mangochi ministry.

3) Praise God because of the KATEMA BIKE MSSM Circuit.

4) Praise God because of Michael’s good health.

5) Praise God because of the new solar batteries.

Prayer requests:

1) Safety as we work on the BMW building.

2) More prayer and financial supporters.

3) Pray for our upcoming Boot Camp in three months.

4) Softened hearts to the Gospel recipients.

5) Pray for Solar Fridge ($2,000), Solar Submersible Pump ($4,000).

In Christ’s Service,

David, Janet and Michael Chale

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