Bobb, Canaan Newsletter (Spring 2016)

Bobb, CanaanDear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your prayers and support. I appreciate the sacrifices you make so that I may serve as a missionary. John Piper says there are three types of Christians: zealous senders, zealous goers and disobedient. Goers would be unable to go without prayers and support from senders.

Recent News

Sightseeing in Red Square with my last Russia team

Shortly after my last newsletter I decided that I was going to go to Russia instead of leading a team. I prayed about it, talked to friends and family and I believe now is a great time for me to go to Russia. I will be there from May 16 to August 13. While in Russia I will be helping set up the Boot Camp in Magnitogorsk and helping with one of the two Boot Camps we have in Russia. After Boot Camp I will most likely help out around the base there. They are understaffed and it will be a huge blessing to be able to help around the base. I will working with another American, Jeremy Redmond. Please pray for both of us, that we will be able to raise the money, have safe travels and that I will be able to get my visa.

The staff and students in Cambodia

After my time in Russia I will head straight to Cambodia, where I will work at our Kampong Chhnang property. I will be working with a volunteer who is going there for a year, a Cambodian intern and two American interns. We will do evangelism and work on the property. There isn’t much there right now so for four months I will be living in a tent under a shelter house. I’ve stayed in tents during a summer team, but never for four months. Please pray that that goes okay. Also, I need prayer that I will be able to get my medicine for the time I will be overseas. I will be back in December, so I will still be able to see many of you at Christmas.

Here at the Florida base we have the AIDS Orphans 5K Mud Run coming up. My department is in charge of it. We have been building new obstacles and advertising it for months now. We are likely to have at least twice as many runners as last year, so please pray it will go smoothly and that it will raise a lot of money for the orphans.

The alligator we caught in the pool

A couple of weeks ago we were leaving to play minigolf with some friends when we saw some students trying to fish something out of the Conference Center pool. We went over to check it out and there was a four-foot alligator in the pool! We eventually got it out with a treble hook. We put a towel over its eyes and duct taped its mouth shut. Then we drove it to another place on property and released it. Only in Florida!


Madison and Zoe are continuing to do well in school. Upward season is coming to a close. Zoe played and Madison was her coach. They are both excited to go on their teams this summer. Madison is going to India and Zoe will be going with Mom and Dad to Cambodia. Taylor and Wes recently moved to Lexington. They both have good jobs there and are really enjoying being back in the area where they met. Dad has been very busy with the Conference Center and the upcoming Mud Run. Both require a lot of work. Mom has also been pretty busy with the Bible school. Mom, Dad, Madison, Zoe and I are all preparing to head overseas.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that

– I will get all the money I need for my time overseas

– I will be able to get my visa

– The Mud Run will run smoothly and lots of money will be raised

– For safe travels

– I will be able to get my medicine

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