Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Spring 2016)

Shrock Staff Newsletter

MSSM staff with our local kids at the playground at our base

MSSM staff with our local kids at the playground at our base

In March we celebrate Human Rights in South Africa so we will start with some stories to stir your heart about the people we encounter and love through weekly ministry. Three days a week our staff and students reach out to the local children through MSSM (Motorcycle Sunday School Mission) even though they are riding bicycles now, not motorcycles. We had an Afrikaans(white) family move into one of our locations that is primarily black. The first few weeks went fine and the mix of kids got along fine. Then one Saturday Tia had children coming crying and telling her that the white kids were calling them bad names. Since Tia doesn’t speak either language she didn’t pick up on the derogatory comments being made. She was heartbroken and prayed about what to do. The next Monday she was sharing with the mothers of these children and told them about the situation. The mothers bowed their heads and they all prayed for peace and unity.

Samaritan Lady Thelma learning the keyboard

Samaritan Lady Thelma learning the keyboard

Every week we continue to find new ladies on the street on Saturdays as we do evangelism and on Mondays as we do vocational training. In March we did a cooking class where we made  oatmeal muffins and held computer classes. On the 21st we had four brand new ladies: Bongeka, Koliwa, Anga and Buhle. Bongeka kept asking me (Karen) questions like what am I doing in South Africa? and do I get paid to do this? So naturally this led to me sharing my testimony with the ladies and flowed right into my topic of the day about love, because that’s the reason I’m in South Africa—God’s love. And because of God’s outpouring of love all four ladies are now born again. As we asked for prayer requests we discovered that Bongeka is eight months pregnant and Koliwa is seven months pregnant. It breaks my heart to think about these ladies working the streets in this condition.

Many cultures living together near us at Masakhane

Many cultures living together near us at Masakhane

We received a donation from a fundraising event in Teen Missions Florida called the AIDS Orphans Mud Run. It will be happening again in May this year. With the money we bought seeds and seedlings for the people around us that have gardens and will be planting winter vegetables. We went to four locations and passed out the cabbage, spinach, beet and onion starts along with seed packets. We hope this helps in these very poor communities to make them more sustainable. The picture we included has a unique blend of people all living together of coloured (biracial), blacks and Afrikaans (white) at the Masakhane location where we do MSSM.

Joy and Jolie are getting the hang of their new internet school. They scan and upload their homework to the school and meet with their teachers and principal via Skype. They have finished their first class in English and are now working on Algebra and Art for Jolie with Algebra and Marine Biology for Joy. So far they are getting A’s in everything which is a big difference from their last school.

Jason passed the written test for his minibus license. He needs to renew so he is getting a South African license to drive the minibus now. The written part of the test was amazingly easy, but the next step is the hard one. The driving portion in South Africa is filled with corruption. Sometimes, unless you pay the agent something, they automatically fail you. The driving test is purposely made difficult which also enables the corruption and bribes. The test isn’t so much on the driving skills, but completing the course in a specific way to meet their demands. If you don’t know what that is you will fail. Jason is going to take a few classes with a driving school to get pointers on what the instructors are specifically looking for.

Many have asked about Joy’s heart as we have had many prayer requests. We went to a specialist who read all the different tests that she had done. He said that she is definitely having some problems, but is on a very low scale of us needing to worry about doing any type of surgery at this point. We are to continue to monitor her episodes and have her try to manage things medically with the tablets that they give her. She still has some issues with fatigue, occasional migraines and a racing heart, but is able to keep it in check. It was good news to find out that the episodes are problematic for her, but not serious. Remember God’s phone number when you get in a bind. It’s Jeremiah 33:3 “Call on God and He will will answer you.!”

25 years ago on May 4th, we became husband and wife

25 years ago on May 4th, we became husband and wife

By the time you get this we will have already celebrated our 25th anniversary. I see why they call it the silver anniversary, as our hair will very much match that. Hehe. We are celebrating this year by taking a hot air balloon flight over a very beautiful lake and mountain area called Hartbeespoort Dam. Once the flight is over we are planning on settling into a nice log cabin for a couple days to enjoy the scenery on the ground. Thank the Lord He has kept us as 10 of those years we have been in full-time ministry.

Have a great summer and many blessings!

Jason, Karen, Joy & Jolie


February we went to the Passion Concert and celebrated with Chris Tomlin and Lou Giglio

Good grades from Orion schooling for Jolie and Joy

Joy’s heart is doing much better and she is even off the medication

Jolie turned 15 on April 23!

Prayer Requests:

Karen’s dad, Hugh, has prostate cancer. Pray as they decide on treatment and for healing

Jason’s mom, Judy, needs healing from severe hip pain(may need replacement)

Jason’s sister, Judy, is losing sight in her good eye. Pray for complete healing

Jenn found a neck doctor in Indianapolis but insurance doesn’t pay. Pray for provision and for Symps a job in ministry. And complete healing for Jenn

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