Nyoni, Nkosilathi & Takemore Newsletter (Spring 2016)

Nyoni FamilyDear Friends in Christ,

The Lord is using us here in Zimbabwe and we praise Him for that. This is what our busy schedule looks like.

For two days I and my wife, Takemore, teach at the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center (BMW). I have been teaching Synthesis classes. It has been fun to see the Lord touching the lives of our students right in the classroom. We normally say that Synthesis tells each person where to correct, where to change and what not to do. We have been having a good time in the classroom with the students, but they sometimes do not like the class since it points out some of what they are thinking and the need to address it in their lives. They struggle with that; however, the Lord knows all that we are thinking, needing prayer for and craving for. The current class is covering the major prophets so Jeremiah points out important stuff to deal with. Coincidentally, Takemore is teaching Acts analysis, so she is able to get the Word of God to them, also.

IMG_3868The Word of God is like a hammer that breaks down the rocks and crushes them down to the earth. We are grateful for the touch of the Lord. We also take some time on Wednesdays in the afternoon to pray with the students about our Motorcycle Sunday School Missions (MSSM) ministry.

During that time we have also been praying each Wednesday for the ministry of MSSM and including all the circuit riders. We see how the Lord has highly favored us in such a way that the people we pray for have been healed and at the same time we have been enjoying the abundance of His grace. The Lord is our keeper and we are seeing that the Lord is good and His mercy endureth forever.

It has been a good time having to oversee MSSM and the Lord has privileged us this way. It has not been easy to do all that is expected of us, but by His grace we are always seeing ourselves through.

2015_Zimbabwe_186More of our time would be spent monitoring the riders and teaching the classes but each time we go out we meet a lot of different challenges. Parents love to bring their children with all kinds of spiritual, psychological and academic needs. The challenges go on and on, and many of them think that we can fix every problem. We can only point them to Jesus.

It has been such fun to minister and to lead teams. Our last team was in December. It was a challenge, but worth the effort. I have told a lot of parents that Jesus knows your children more than you do and most of them do not know their children. They only hear what others say about them. This has taught us to learn to be very close to our kids so that they let us know what they go through. They become our best friends. We learned this through being involved in the recent Boot Camps.

Our firstborn is at the secondary school and is doing well, though it is his first time to do 12 module classes compared to the four that he was doing last year. Joel is the second and also has been doing well despite the school challenges. Right now is in grade four. He is also a good kid. The last one is David Joseph. He is also starting school this semester for the first time in the beginning of May. The challenge now is that it is going to be winter and very cold, so this is going to be very tough. We will see how that will work out since we have to cycle him back and forth 2km to get him to school. I just hope and pray that he will not hate school.

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We appreciate working for God and it gives us the peace that we need. We always appreciate your prayers, financial and moral support. Sometimes we get frustrated, especially if the kids do not come out with the desired results. Having faith in God always keeps us looking ahead and we are grateful to the Lord for that.

In Christ,

Nkosilathi, Takemore, Joel, Josh & David Joseph Nyoni

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