Reilly, Mike & Rena Newsletter (Spring 2016)

ReillyDear Friends and Family,

I hope and pray that you are doing well. For us it has been a whirl wind tour. When we left for the US we knew it was going to be a long trip around the nation during winter. Then we thought we could rest once we got back home to Australia. It was not meant to be—two weeks after we arrived home we received an email asking us to help a few other bases in Asia. So we packed our bags, had our fellow co-worker the New Zealand coordinator fly out here to watch the base and students, then started on our first leg of what will be a year-long journey (s). But I am getting ahead of myself. For those who have not received our email updates I would like to review the US trip first as that was great!!!!

Rena shows the deep snow from the worst blizzard in years

Rena shows the deep snow from the worst blizzard in years

We traveled to or through 22 states and over 10,000 miles. We visited with many of you, but sadly not as many as we wished to. It breaks our hearts, as you are a very important part of what we do and the reason why we are so effective. We wanted to thank you face-to-face for your prayers and support. You all need to move closer together or have better weather. Thank you for your prayers, it sure helped.

Highs and lows: Not sure if lows really describe it as we even had fun when things did not go as planned and led to some divine appointments. So we will put it all in one list and let you decide which is what.

-Two flat tires and a flat spare

-Travel through and enjoying the largest blizzard in the Northeast

-Missing two tornados

First selfie ever it was at Mile High Stadium the game the Broncos won to clinch the AFC West Title

First selfie ever it was at Mile High Stadium the game the Broncos won to clinch the AFC West Title

-Attending a come-from-behind Denver Bronco game at Mile High Stadium that gave home field advantage through the playoffs and fifth AFC West title and then watching them win the Super Bowl at a carolina panthers (yes I know they are suppose to be caps but…) fan’s house

-Car engine problems just as we arrived in Denver and then at the end of the trip in Dallas

-Canceled churches and divine appointments

-Visiting my first team leaders (Bolivia 1981 leaders)

-Visiting people who have had an impact on both of our lives

-Pastor’s conference

-All the great meals

-Broadway show and visiting Times Square

-Catching up with co-workers and sharing some words of encouragement

-Meeting new people

-Hanging out with family

-Comparing how old we are all getting, but not wanting to admit it  

So some ask if we would do it again the answer is yes, just because of the people!

New batch of students to be trained as missionaries

New batch of students to be trained as missionaries

Then when we got home. We had a camp of a 160 teens coming in and our new batch of students. The crew that was watching the place had no problems while we were gone. But I think they ran for their lives because they knew the place was about to blow! And it did, in a 24 hour period we had a gas leak in our house stove, the sewage line for the school buildings was blocked up and flowing into the rooms and showers, the main breaker for the camp kitchen power board was arcing and burning, we ran out of gas for the camp kitchen, the pool filter system broke and the pool was turning green, then the photocopier went on strike and finally the camp washing machine died. Praise God it all worked out just in time (except the washing machine still needs work). We were up to our neck in it, literally!

Now as for our next set of travels. As I mentioned we were asked to help out with a leadership change over in Indonesia. As you know it is never easy especially when the situation is as the one we faced. The three weeks went by quickly and because of prayer and just plain miracles we have a new leadership. Lord willing the next journey will be in April when Mike will travel to India, where we will have an equal task to see that program there takes its next steps. In May, Rena and Mike will head to Mongolia to re-ignite the program there with someone from the US meeting them there. In June, Mike will travel to Myanmar and finally Rena and Mike will travel back to Indonesia to hold meetings with staff and students.

OK—we never thought we would be doing all this plus the work load we already have. It sure is not making it easy. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to go before us that we have the same success that we had in Indonesia.

If you are getting our email reports, sorry for the repeat, but for those who do not email us at [email protected], thanks for listening.

Thank you again!!!

In Christ

Mike & Rena

Eph. 6:10-18


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