Vanderpool, Kathy Newsletter (Spring 2016)

VanderpoolUntitled-2Dear Friends and Family:

It is exciting to see all the preparations that are going on around the TMI grounds for Boot Camp. We know Boot Camp is quickly approaching as the Big Tops are going up! Not only are the tents going up, but there is preparation for the Second Annual Mud Run to raise funds for AIDS Orphans and Street Children. The course has been prepared and many people have already signed up to participate.

It has been an especially busy time for me. The Teen Missions Director’s wife, Bernie Bland, suffered several small strokes that have left her right side paralyzed. We praise the Lord that she recently moved home from Untitled-5extended care and therapy. She needs around-the-clock care and I have moved to the Bland’s home to do some cooking, assist with Bernie, and help where needed. While I seem to be the “point” person, different staff women are willingly sharing their time by taking shifts to care for Bernie. This allows me to continue with office work and my responsibilities there. During your prayer time, please pray for a quick and complete recovery for Bernie.

Mustard Seed Camp is quickly approaching. The “mock airplane” that Dad and my brother-in-law, Jim, constructed over the past five months is completed and dedicated. It has been exciting to see this plane develop. Teen Missions Airways will offer the following services aboard its five round-trip flights:

  • Passengers will board the plane that will “take off and land” through video presentations
  • Landing in one of five countries, passengers will view important landmarks of the country and see animals important to the culture
  • Passengers will be introduced to a missionary while on the plane who will share regarding their work with Teen Missions International
  • Each trip, two children will put on pilot’s hats and start the engines for the plane
  • Snacks will be served during the in-flight experience
  • Upon debarking, customs (the missionary) will stamp their TMI passport

IMG_0704While half the children and parents are on the plane, the other group will enjoy hands-on experiences that are often every day activities for missionaries. Stations will be set up for the waiting “passengers” to practice life skills and include the following:

  • Wash and dry dishes
  • Shop for produce
  • Sort beans
  • Wash clothes on an old wash board and hang up the clothes on a clothesline
  • Identify spices from around the world and placing the spice on the correct continent
  • Place animals and fish on a continent map
  • Cut through velcro fruits and vegetables
  • Learn to use a variety of tools: hammer/nails; locks with key; bolts, screws, and other assorted tools
  • Color pages that represent Teen Missions work in the five countries

Included during the three-day camp the following activities will be enjoyed by both parents and children: Bible stories, crafts, memory verses, running the Obstacle Course, music and movement, swimming, the evening rally with a speaker, team cheers, a visit from Ms. Piggy (encourages the campers to keep their areas clean) and a special individual alligator pizza along with a specially mixed milkshake. The children and parents will also receive a special Teen Missions “flight wings” at commissioning.

I am so excited to see how God uses the plane and activities to draw each child and adult into a closer relationship. Please pray that God will make Himself real to all who attend and that lives will be committed to Him for service, even at a young age!

Thank you for your faithful commitment to serve the Lord through your gifts of money, prayer, and notes that encourage and allow me to do to the work God has called me to participate. May God continue to bless and keep you.

With gratitude,

Kathy Vanderpool

I Timothy 1:12


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